Dorman 51 – Christ Church 47

2021 Jalen Breazeale (Dorman): Breazeale did a tremendous job in leading the charge for Dorman in this matchup.  He showed that he can continue to knock down shots from the perimeter but there weren’t many that could stay in front of him, as he continues to show his speed is an issue.  Using that well in attacking off the dribble and showing just a great feel on the court.  He led the charge on both sides and made big plays in a close game. Stats: 19 points

2022 Jordyn Surratt (Dorman): Surratt stepped up big for his team.  You have to like Surratt’s size and, in this game, he showed that improved outside shot that he has continued to work on, knocking down a couple of threes including a big one late in the game to help seal the deal.  But with his versatility, athleticism, he can really take advantage of multiple mismatches on the court.  Really stepped up in this win. Stats: 15 points

2021 John Butler (Christ Church): A senior 7-footer has really continued to improve and stretch his game.  You don’t see to many prospects with his size and feel comfortable in operating around the perimeter, can show his outside shot or put it on the deck and create, as well as be a dominant force down low on both sides. Still brings that shot-blocking capability on defense and touch offensively.

2023 Jordan Butler (Christ Church): The younger brother of John but Jordan is going to be a big-time target as well, just like John.  Butler has a ton of potential with his size, using that size from inside and out.  He showed a fluid shot from outside as well as touch around the paint.  Still, a developing prospect but the future looks bright.

Lake Norman Christian 68 – YPSI Prep 64

2023 Trey Green (Lake Norman Christian): Time after time, the sophomore point guard proves himself as one of the top guards and honestly, he deserves even more national attention.  He controls the game so well, picking his spots and times to push or initiate the offense under control, while also having a terrific balance in creating for others or being more of a scoring guard. Stats: 16 points

2023 Mikey Williams (Lake Norman Christian): Williams really started to get going in the second quarter, showcasing his elite athleticism and play-making ability around the rim.  He then got his jumper flowing as well.  Williams does a terrific job in getting to the line in almost every game and did so again.  Overall, really solid performance and made some big shots/plays to help secure the win. Stats: 19 points

2022 Emoni Bates (YPSI): Bates didn’t get the start but came in and made his mark quickly in the first half, getting into double-digits quickly with his outside game and length. When his confidence is high, there simply isn’t much you can do in stopping him, you are just hoping to slow him down.  Second half though, shots didn’t quite fall as regularly as it did in the first half but still finished with 20 points.

2022 Javaughn Hannah (YPSI): Hannah really stepped up in the second half with his scoring, attacking the rim and staying aggressive, while also knocking down shots from outside.  He has been able to show that even more, continuing his stellar play this season and giving everyone a glimpse of why he is getting more attention from coaches.