LJ Thomas

2021 6’3 Knoah Carver (AK Knights): Carver really showed a nice scoring ability, knocking down shots at several levels but staying aggressive and attacking. He just has a nice ability and understanding of how to put the ball in the basket.

2021 6’3 Nick Green (Team ELI): Green has been the leading producer for Team ELI in multiple games, finishing in double-figures.  He really seems to be aggressive on the court and pushing what he can do offensively.  He scored well from the perimeter, continuing to show his range but now giving more of a glimpse of how he can really take over a game.

2021 6’0 Jamarii Thomas (Burlington School): Thomas is such a leader and floor general on the court for this team and it should only continue throughout the season.  What you have to love is that he can not only push the tempo with the ball in his hands but also runs the floor to give everyone a show of his ability to finish at the rim.

2021 6’10 Kuluel Mading (Burlington School): Let me say it now… Mading has really impressed me with his play this summer.  Already a long prospect, shot blocker, and rebounder, he has really made strides in developing his offensive game, now pushing the ball up the floor, stepping out with range, and really just expanding his game.

2021 6’0 Jamarii Thomas (Burlington School): Thomas is one that you just have to love with what he brings to the table. Energy, motor, athleticism, leadership, and scoring capabilities.  He does it all and leaves it all on the court.  It is why someone will get a steal with him at the next level.

2021 6’7 Eric Van Der Heijden (Chris Clemons Elite): Van Der Heijden showed a complete game in his final matchup, scoring a smooth 27 points to lead the charge.  He did it running the floor, using his length to finish at the rim and over defenders but still being that big-time threat from the outside.  He just continues to show that he can operate in multiple positions on the court.

2022 LJ Thomas (Bull City National): What else can you say about Thomas… He is quickly making a name for himself and is now going to be regarded as one of the top guards in the state of North Carolina for his class.  He was absolutely unstoppable scoring everywhere on the court.  He is going to be a big-time target for several schools.

2021 6’8 Dondre Watson (Bull City National): Watson really gave us a preview of what he is capable of doing on the floor.  Energy, motor, athleticism, scoring inside over defenders or stepping out for his jumper.  The forward is quickly garnering the attention of big-time schools and it should only continue.

2021 Aasin McKinnely-Lor (Carolina Hounds): Maybe the best scoring performance of the day, McKinnely-Lor poured it on for 38 points and did pretty much most of his damage attacking defenders and inside the arc or the from the line.  He just couldn’t be stopped, as the 5’10 guard put on a show.