2025 Trey Shephard (Bull City Prep): A new name from Atlanta now in North Carolina with Bull City, Shephard may have had the most eye-opening performance in Week 3 with what he showed. The 6'6 prospect was effective all throughout the game, filling up the stat sheet and making play after play. He was able to display his athleticism in getting to the rim, attacking the defense, and scoring in a variety of other ways. Explosive prospect who filled it up big time in each game.

2026 Cameron Newman (Fire Babies): To say that I was highly impressed with Newman's showing wouldn't be that surprising, because we have said countless times that he is one of the best young point guards in the state. He backed it up though in Week 3, displaying his ability to create, his awareness in finding teammates, his ability to play at a great pace and under control, but also showed he can be a dynamic scorer.' Big-time showing in what should be another big year for him.

2024 Maurio Hanson (Cougars): We recently wrote about Hanson this week in why college coaches need to be all over this forward, and he backed it up as one of the top bigs in Week 3. You have to love his blend of physicality, his feel for the game, his ability to see the floor and find teammates, but also show good footwork around the basket.' Again and again, Hanson is one that should be a target for many schools in what he provides.

2025 Jalyn Connor (Mavs): Connor was lighting it up on the court, as he can be a dynamic scorer and shooter when he has things going.' When you talk about his game though, you have to be aware of his range and shot-making from behind the arc, as he let it fly and change the game when shots are falling. But he also is a quick guard who can make plays off the bounce and finish.

2025 Ahmari Hicks (Eagles): Hicks is one that goes a bit under the radar but in watching him more this week, I've been really liked what I've seen with his game. He has a fluid feel, plays well off the ball, has good size and does a nice job in sing up off the bounce with a smooth release.' He can hurt you with one-dribble shots inside the arc, but also showed more of his shot-making from behind the arc as well in Week 3.