2025 Trevor Best (Word of God): Best really had a tremendous showing; he backed up the talk with his game in Week 2, creating extremely well off the dribble, creating space for his shot from multiple areas, showing his range and confident release, as well as being a true energy player that competes on both ends of the floor.  His team needed every point from the guard today and he stepped up big late to help his team.

2026 Michael Phillips (Harvest Development): Phillips is really starting to understand the game and develop into a player that college coaches will be checking out sooner rather than later. Phillips has a 6’5 frame, is extremely long, and you can see that his confidence has taken another step. He was strong in knocking down shots from the perimeter with a smooth release, but also using his length and versatility on both sides of the court.

2027 Julian Lowe (Wildcats): Lowe is a newer and younger player who really impressed, as he didn’t lack any confidence in his game.  He is a 6’4 prospect that was able to not only make plays off the dribble, play with a little flare, and also step out and knock down shots from behind the arc.  He has a tremendous feel for the game at his age; played more like a veteran than as a freshman.

2024 Camren Daniels (Durham Hurricanes): Daniels was consistent all day long with his play; he was assertive and got downhill, showcased his athleticism in getting to the basket and finishing at the rim, and making strong moves time after time.  He is one that continues to go a bit under the radar but is one who was able to display how productive he can be on the court.

2026 Juice Coleman (Eagles): It had been a while since seeing Coleman, but the guard was effective in creating and showing his quickness as well as handles.  The young guard is able to be a multi-level scorer, plays with a scrappy feel to his game, and is hard to stay in front of at times. I expect him to have a big year in helping lead his team.

2024 Steven McLeod (Harvest Development): I have to give credit to McLeod and what I saw from the senior guard this weekend. This young man was TOUGH and was probably the best defensive player I saw throughout the day. He was creating steals, playing with maximum energy, leading by example, blocking shots, and making big play after big play for his team.