OK3Sports coverage of the Phenom Queen City Showcase on Friday, July 24, 2020 at Rock Hill Sports and Event Center in Rock Hill, OK. Photo: OK3Sports/Olen C. Kelley III

2021 6’7 Redford Dunton (Garner Road 3SSB): Dunton was incredibly effective today, especially in the second half.  He showed a smooth, confident scoring game on all three levels, using his size and also displaying his fluid jumper.  What you have to like about his game was that he never gave up and continued to fight.

2021 6’9 Will Felton (Garner Road 3SSB): Felton has been a workhorse here in Rock Hill.  He is being aggressive, getting tough around the rim, and constantly getting his hands on the ball or making an impact.  He showed a tremendous motor and fight, especially on the defensive end.  But continued to be a dominant force in the paint.

2021 6’3 Terquavion Smith (Tea Marie Hoops 17u): With Smith is feeling it, he oozes confidence in his game and he continues to feed off of it.  Much like he has before, in Game 1 he showed his confident range and he continues to build off of it once he sees the ball go in the bucket.

2021 Bobby Pettiford (Tea Marie Hoops 17u): Pettiford is at his best when he is getting downhill.  With a strong body, he gets defenders on his side and once he does, it is over with his quickness.  His aggressive nature makes defenses react and Pettiford has the IQ to find teammates or finish in multiple ways at the basket.

2022 6’9 De’Ante Green (Tea Marie Hoops 17u): Green’s ability to post up smaller opponents and showcase his true post moves, as well as display a smooth stroke from deep against forwards that don’t come out and guard him.  Always moving and playing multiple spots on the floor, Green can be used is so many ways.

2021 Jacobi Wright (Team Charlotte): Wright just has incredible touch and feel with the ball in his hands.  The blend of IQ, ability to create, and unselfishness on the court shines but then he blends that into being a scoring guard.  He scored from all over the court in Game 1 with 24 points.

2021 6’6 Ben Burnham (Team Charlotte): Burnham is a total mismatch on the court at times.  His long frame and bounce is tough for any opponent to stop but he also uses that athleticism on the defensive end, running down balls and blocking shots.

2021 6’5 Elijah Wilson (Team Eat 17u): Wilson is one that goes under the radar but programs need to start taking notice of his game.  His is a 6’5 prospect that scores in a variety of ways but also really makes his presence known on the defensive end.

2021 6’5 Jalen McDonald (Team Eat 17u): McDonald is a show waiting to happen but he is also showing how aggressive he is getting downhill and in transition.  McDonald plays with a physical nature and continues to build on his frame.  Certainly one of the most athletic prospects here this weekend.