2022 CJ Collins (Greensboro Day): Collins played strong in both outings today, especially with his activity level on the glass. The 2022 long big man was active, showcased to be a rim-protector, and really got after it on the boards on both ends, always seemingly getting a hand on the ball.  Though you can see he has nice touch around the basket, he really can impact the floor in other ways and showed it today.

2023 Aden Holloway (Game Changers): Throughout the day, one could say that Holloway was the more consistent even though Robert Dillingham put up some impressive points as well. But the feel that Holloway plays with, along with his shiftiness, his feel with the ball in his hands, and his playmaking ability… is something special to watch.  He just knows how to make plays for himself and for others with the ball in his hands.

2024 Brandon Callahan (All Carolina): This is the second time viewing the Garner guard and the second time he has captured our eyes with his play.  He has really good size already for a player in the 2024 class and he excels with his pull-up game, whether it is with the mid-range or from deep.  He is going to be a player to really start putting more on notice around the Raleigh area.

2022 Mike Best (NLPB): We can say that the Best brothers had themselves a strong Day 1 at the Phenom Showcase.  Mike though really displayed his shiftiness, change of speed and direction, and his natural feel in making plays on the court.  He made multiple tough buckets, forced himself through defenders, and plays with such a competitive edge.  Best is one of those guards that you just love to have on the court with his ability to make play for himself and for others.

2022 Treyvon Byrd (NLPB): The teammate of Mike Best, Byrd also played really well on Day 1, simply doing what he has always done. He such a versatile, long prospect that is ultimately a tough matchup to go up against, rising over defenders with ease and his massive wingspan, knocking down shots from the perimeter and being aggressive in attacking the basket.