2027 Sean Taylor (Triad Falcons): Taylor started his weekend off well with his performance, really displaying his all-around impact on the floor. Whether it was scoring (finished with 19 points), getting on the boards, making plays for his teammates, or playing with a strong motor, Taylor opened a few eyes in Game 1 of the day.

2027 Braylin Hill (Future Prep): Hill is another young prospect that grabbed my attention early on.  Hill has a strong feel for the game early on with a natural feel for reading the defense, making plays, and really displaying a confident shot from mid-range. 

2023 Adam Harvey (Chatham Central): Chatham Charter is one that you will want to start taking notice of now this summer if you haven’t already. The state runner-up last year returns a lot of good talent once again and one of the leaders of the group will be Harvey, along with his younger brother. But Harvey really played strong on Day 1; extremely competitive, created off the dribble well, and finished strong through and around defenders.

2026 Aidan O’Gara (CP3BA Select): It seemed every time we looked over, it was O’Gara that was out making plays.  At his size and his ability to play the guard position, O’Gara should be one to monitor. He was strong in being a playmaker, getting into the paint and putting the pressure on the defense while also getting to the line. Understands how to lead the charge and break and plays at a nice pace.

2023 Jaydon Young (Greensboro Day): It was good to see one of the top prospects in the class of 2023 back on the court this summer with Phenom Hoops and back with GDS, as Young is one of the clear leaders on the court and will be counted on to elevate his game even more. Early on with the Bengals, Young showed poise and control, tremendous decision-making, and a confident shot along with the ability to finish around the basket.

2023 Avery Cook (Alexander Cougars): Cook led the charge in Game 1 for his team, really showing his ability to find ways to score the ball.  He did an excellent job in moving without the ball, but when he did have it, was able to put it on the deck and get to the basket or knock down shots.  Very consistent all throughout the game.

2026 Prince Nwokemodo (Mt. Zion): You may have seen or heard of the name before, but this is a 2026 prospect to keep a strong eye on, especially with his upside. That is the name of the game, as he continues to piece things together as player. But you can’t teach 6’11 at that age and he will need time to continue to develop.  But he brings a nice presence in altering shots and active on the boards.

2026 Jagger Emerson (Rising Pros): We continue to bring new names on our platform and Emerson is another player that needs to be written down. Already at 6’3, the guard really displayed solid ability to help run the show, is an athletic prospect, has a ton of potential, finishes well out in transition, and creates opportunities for himself.