2023 Trey Green (Team EAT):

Green came through Rock Hill and once again showed why he is a hot target for so many schools and that should only continue to grow.  Green’s game is absolutely mesmerizing at times, as he plays with such great pace, quick handles, change of direction, and has a high-major feel for how to operate on the floor.  He is and has been one of my favorite players to watch and makes it look so easy on the floor in how he leads the charge.

2022 Tyler Gettings (Charlotte Aces):

Gettings has been a known name over the summer and every time he steps on the court, he produces.  This is why he could be a nice steal for a program that is looking for a physical prospect that can score from multiple levels, competes, uses his frame to body through contact, and can finish at the rim from time to time. 

2022 Chance Morrow (Charlotte Guards):

Morrow came out big in the second half of the day and scored in every way possible on his way to 30 points to help his team win. The blend of mobility, athleticism, size, length and scoring ability is like a perfect storm at times, as you just don’t see to many opponents finding ways to slow him down. He simply fills up the stat sheet and constantly is going on the court.  It is going to be fun watching him on the football field but this young man continues to be super productive on the court as well.

2023 Brock Rose (Team Synergy):

Rose continues to attract the eyes of our scouts with his play.  He stands at 6’6 and shows that he can make an impact down low but where he works best is stretching the floor and knocking down shots from multiple levels. Very skilled type prospect that only gets better and better each time we see him. With his range and how he moves on both sides of the floor, he was a tough matchup to slow down on his way to 30 points.

2022 Bernard Fuller Jr. (VA Bulls):

Fuller is a long 6’4 prospect that simply went off for 37 points to lead his team.  He used his frame to his advantage, continuing to score over defenders and finish around the basket or get to the free-throw line and score.  He did it time and time again, as he was a tremendous factor inside the arc.

2023 Jaylen Curry (Anthony Morrow Elite):

Curry came in as one of the stars of tomorrow at the Summer Grind and finished Day 1 averaging 24.5 points per game.  He did it in an array of ways, showing more of his ability to knock down shots from the perimeter and mid-range, as well as aggressively attacking and using his quickness and his decisive reactions to get by defenders to score or to the line. He simply makes those impact plays for his team, whether scoring or facilitating as well.