JJ Moore

2024 Mony Day (Charlotte Dragons):

Though young and playing up, Day has a superb start to his day. He played with terrific pace and feel, being patient on the floor, picking his spots, and showing a nice understanding of his scoring ability. He stayed aggressive, penetrating the lane, showing touch on his floater or not shying away from contact and getting to the line.

2023 Owen Elliott (Fort Mill Kings):

Elliott played a vital role for his team and I liked the energy and motor that he played with on the floor. At 6'3, he was able to operate on multiple levels and always seemed to be around the ball, whether it was stepping out or getting after it on the defensive end.  Just really liked his hustle to start the day off at the Phenom Summer Grind.

2025 Darnerian Gibson (Carolina Rockets):

Gibson quickly was the talk to start Day 1 in Rock Hill, as the small guard absolutely filled it up with 20 points to start his day. One of the small prospects on the floor, he used his speed incredibly well.  Gibson showed his ability to be a perimeter threat but then put it on the deck to score as well.  A young prospect to monitor for sure with his offensive ability.

2024 Isaiah Evans (Charlotte Nation):

What is not to like or catch your eye with, as Evans is a 6'6 long and wiry prospect with a strong skill set to go with it.' His height is what catches you and it will be interesting to see how much more he grows (which could certainly push even more attention his way).' But when you look at his game, he looks comfortable from outside, handling the ball or knocking down his jumper but also has the size to finish and score over defenders inside.' His length makes him a tough matchup for an opponent.

2023 JJ Moore (NLPB-RR):

Moore continues to play at a high level, now putting together two straight strong showings in Phenom events.  What quickly attracts your eyes with his game is his ability to fill it up scoring-wise, displaying more of his perimeter game from three (knocking down multiple threes) but also using his speed, handles, and decision-making well to find openings in the defense. 

2023 Patrick Tivnan (Charlotte Tigers):

Tivnan's game just continues to develop and impress, as the 6'7 prospect has terrific feet, IQ, and an array of ways to impact the court.  Bringing a strong build as a forward, Tivnan shows a nice ability to create for himself, putting the ball on the deck and scoring while also stretching the floor.  He should only continue to get more looks his way this fall and high school season.

2024 Isaiah Sutherland (NLPB):

We mentioned it earlier this summer and it can still be seen today' Sutherland is going to be a problem as he continues to develop his overall feel and get stronger.' But the glimpses are there and are what should get college coaches excited.' Sutherland moves really well for his 6'9 frame, showing terrific footwork, good hands, and the ability to step out.' Add on top with his size and impact in blocking shots and getting on the boards, Sutherland is going to be a name quickly making noise in the coming years.