2025 Davion Ingram (Richmond Jammers): Ingram is a new name that grabbed our attention. He is a long prospect that was really able to make a strong presence defensively as well as offensively. Ingram was relentless in getting into his defender, moving his feet, and having good instincts in picking his opponents. But he also used his size to get to the rim and finish as well.

2025 Eli Griffin (NLPB): You have to love a player that plays with such much energy on the court.  That is what Griffin provided when he was on the court.  Time after time, he was assertive in getting downhill and playing with a great motor.  He attacked the defense well, was able to consistently get paint touches, and really excelled out in transition.

2025 Greg Murray (Team Slay): Though it was a tough game overall for Murray, I really did enjoy what I saw from the young guard.  Murray does a great job in controlling the game, reading the floor, finding open teammates, and finding ways to get to his spots to score with touch. He can operate from a variety of ways, can create to get into the paint and display touch, but also help run the show.

2024 Camden Edmonds (NC Spartans): Edmonds is a familiar face for sure with us at Phenom Hoops, as he continues to show his impact offensively.  He always seems to be a consistent scorer on the floor, showing a veteran feel on the court using his length and athleticism. Edmonds does a great job in mixing it up, getting to his spots, and simply gets t done on the court.

2024 J3 Swindell (NC Rise): Swindell set the tone in this game, as he really displayed his ability to be physical, make plays off the bounce, attack the basket, and finish.  Though he has added more to his game, you can’t deny his strength and physicality in bullying defenders. Continues to show that he can be an effective scorer but also bring a well-rounded game to the floor.

2024 Paul McNeil (Richmond Jammers): It was good to see our ol’ friend back this summer with his team, and the NC State commit didn’t disappoint. He continues to show his ability to score and be a lethal shot maker. McNeil does a great job in being able to get to his spots, has the ability to rise up over defenders with ease, and has tremendous range. The one thing that I think he doesn’t get enough credit for is his ability to facilitate and set up his teammates; he has really good vision in his game.

2026 Marcus Green (WCBA): Green has been a name to keep an eye, as he continues to be consistent with his scoring presence on the floor. The guard just has a knack for putting the ball in the hoop, but also is a very good leader as well.  Plays hard and scrappy, makes others better around him, but he is at his best when he is putting the ball in the hoop.