Photo: Dinos Trigonis (Styles Phipps/ Tru Washington)

Phenom Hoops went back to watch all the action from a terrific event out in Arizona by Dinos Trigonis, as he put on the Pangos Best of Arizona League, having multiple weeks of terrific action. Phenom Hoops tuned to check out some of the talent on display from this past week, and a few players really grabbed our attention.

2023 6’4 Tru Washington (Mountain Pointe, AZ): Washington, who is related to TyTy Washington from Kentucky, is one that easily stood out with his play on the court. At 6’4, he did a tremendous job in creating for himself, attacking downhill, and finishing strong.  But what really impressed me was his ability to mix it up; he can flat out score the ball in a variety of ways, using his frame and athleticism to his advantage, but he also showcased his ability to make plays for others and find teammates.  Really showed a true balanced in his game and for the most part, didn’t see many that were slowing him down when he is looking to create his shot.

2024 6’2 Styles Phipps (St. Mary’s, AZ): This was my first time viewing Phipps but certainly have heard of the young sophomore.  I was really impressed with what I saw; he played incredibly well on and off the ball, whether it was showing his handles and ability to create off the dribble or play off the ball and show his smooth, confident shot-making ability from multiple levels.  When you watch him, he is a strong guard and plays under control, seeing the floor well, getting around defenders, and making it look easy on several occasions.  Phipps can play at multiple paces on the court but remains under control, making smart decisions, and reading defenders well.  I expect him to only continue to rack in big-time offers throughout his high school career.

2025 6’11 Coco Mwanke (Skyline Prep, AZ): A new name to the floor for Phenom but a hard one to miss, as 2025 6’11 Mwanke certainly stood out among the rest.  But when you watch his game, you have to be extremely impressed with his presence and ability at a young age.  Many times, you don’t see big’s at his age show the fluidity and poise, it usually takes time.  But Mwanke ran the floor from paint to paint, made himself big on the defensive end and was all over the boards, while also showing great touch and making the easy plays on the offensive end.  Always stayed engaged and was active every time he was on the court.  I expect schools to quickly start jumping on him and if he continues to develop and get stronger, he will have plenty of choices at the next level.

2025 6’6 Jaion Pitt (Dream City Christian, AZ): Pitt is a do-it-all type player, very versatile on the court.  Already has good size as just a freshman, he is a lengthy prospect that can play and operate from multiple areas of the floor.  He competes on both ends, is active on the glass, can put it on the floor and create, and just finds ways to make plays on the court.  Only a freshman, he is one to jot down and keep an eye on down the road as he continues to grow and develop.

2025 6’2 Noah George (Dream City Christian, AZ): Just a young freshman guard, George gave us flashes of his ability to knock down shots and create his own opportunities, especially off the bounce.  On multiple occasions, he picked his spots and showed his range, knocking down multiple threes.  George also displayed flashy handles, helping find ways to create his own shot. 

2024 6’8 Ibrahim Souare (Dream City Christian, AZ): Watching Souare in action, he quickly caught your attention every time he looked to rip the rim off.  Time and time again, the 6’8 forward was relentless in punishing the rim with power and strength. He also played with a tremendous motor, always looking to make plays on both ends and never giving up.  He was at his best though around the basket and finished strong around the basket but also gave us a little glimpse that he can be a threat from further out.

2025 6’2 Tracy Kalonda (Dream City Christian, AZ): Kalonda isn’t the flashiest of players but he was productive on the court.  At 6’2, he has a big, physical frame that he uses to his advantage.  Add on top to his ability to create with the dribble, get into the paint, and score in transition, Kalonda quietly went about his business and made play after play.  Good finisher through contact and underrated handles.  The young man already holds an offer from SMU but it will be interesting to see how he continues to develop his overall game.

2023 6’8 Kevin Patton (Maricopa, AZ): Patton is one that grabs your attention with his blend of size, his ability to play multiple positions, and his ability to step out.  The 6’8 prospect displayed the ability to be an effective scorer from all levels, can battle down low in the paint, and handle the ball.  You have to like his ability to take advantage of opponents, especially with his ability to pop out and show his range, but also use his 6’8 frame to score inside as well.

2023 6’2 Vince Delano (PHH Prep, AZ): The point guard really grabs your attention with his ability to make plays on the court.  He is a strong guard that controls the game with the ball in his hands, looks to make plays for himself and for others, can get downhill well and finish with good athleticism, especially in transition, but can also be effective in knocking down shots as well.  A very polished point guard that controls the game well.