2025 Derek Ross Jr. (Jordan): Watching Ross on the court, he was certainly in the running for Mr. Playmaker, as this guard just understands how to be that team-first type point guard but also can fill it up as well. His ability to push in transition, create and use his speed, and set up his teammates is fun to watch and there are programs that would love to have that today on the court.' But he uses that pace and craftiness to continue to be a scoring threat as well.

2025 Johnniyus Sharpe (Reidsville): Sharpe was one who seemingly woke up and wanted to make a statement, and he did as he was incredibly effective and efficient on the court, showing his entire game.' Whether it was knocking down shots, showing his range or mid-range game, or his ability to create and get downhill, Sharpe was putting on an offensive showing throughout and certainly has earned more attention his way.

2025 Nathan Fife (Sanderson): Fife continues to be that nice blend of toughness and IQ at the guard position, as we have stated countless times what he provides to a team.' Fife plays under control, sees the floor, runs the offense well but can knock down shots or penetrate and finish well with his game; he brings a tremendous balance to the court with his game.

2025 Jordan Lowery (WS Christian): True first viewing of Lowery at the camp, so I was excited to see what he provided and more about his game.' And can see why so many like his feel, his ability to be that playmaker and strong leader, dicing through defenses but also creating off the bounce and being a strong effective scoring option.' It is just the start for this young man in NC, and it will be great to see more of his game.

2025 Madden Collins (Christ School): Collins was the talk of the camp on several occasions and believe he could be seeing more of a bump and his stock rising after his showing at the camp. Collins has a tremendous feel for the game, along with his lengthy frame and feel.' Collins was able to hurt you with a confident release from deep, as well as finish around defenders, attack in transition, and find others on the floor.' Really liked what I saw and should be a great piece for Christ School.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman): McKinnon is a player that we have talked about on several occasions, but one can't deny his improvement in his shot-making ability and stretching the floor, something you can see he has worked on and continues to be more confident. Time after time, he was getting out to his spots and knocking down shots from multiple levels.' He continues to add that more to his game, more and more schools will be noticing.

2025 Trey Shephard (Bull City Prep): Shephard is a new name here in North Carolina, but he is quickly making a name for himself with his play.' Shephard has bounce and athleticism that makes him hard to slow down, either scoring at the rim, creating space and getting downhill, and rising over defenders.' He has been consistent over the weeks with his ability to fill it up, and should only continue that this season.