2024 Quinasia Abercrombie (Lady Sixers): Abercrombie really caught our attention, as this was our first viewing of her game.' She was strong in her ability to make plays off the dribble, create in the open floor, penetrate and get inside, and simply be an effective scoring option.' She was strong in making things happen for herself and others, and one can see why schools are looking her way.

2024 Ella Hobbs (Outwork): Hobbs, who is already committed to Ohio State, continues to prove why she is such a big-time prospect and is one that also has a tremendous future as she continues to develop.' But it is hard to deny her size and impact on both ends of the court, whether it is being a force in the paint and on the boards, or simply controlling the inside defensively.'

2027 Olivia Yancey (Carolina All-Stars): When Coach Cox mentions to you to watch out for one of his players, you need to listen' and Yancey didn't disappoint in her showing.' She put on a strong showing on Day 1, as she has good size and length early on at her age. But she creates well, plays with tremendous pace and feel, creates well of the bounce, and can score from a variety of ways.' She would be a name to watch out for in the coming years.

2028 Areona McKoy (Carolina Rockets): McKoy is a young guard that continues to impress each time we see her on the court. She is strong out in the open floor in transition, finishing well around defenders and making plays. She allows her defense to turn into offense, as she is crafty with the ball in her hands, makes plays for herself and others, and shows a strong feel to the game.

2028 Malone Hicks (Carolina All-Stars): Hicks was another versatile piece on the court, and I liked the energy and toughness that she played with.' She could be used in a variety of ways on the court, whether it is using her size to score inside and be tough, but also can step out and knock down shots as well.

2024 Delanie Hill (Outwork Family): Fresh off her commitment to Albany, Hill continued to show how dynamic of a playmaker she can be with the ball in her hands. Absolutely love her vision and court awareness, making and dishing to her teammates, but also showing confidence from three or off the dribble. Albany has a good one coming that plays with tremendous IQ and feel of leading the charge.

2025 Janie Boyd (JAX Thunder): Coming up from Florida, Boyd really impressed with her play. She plays with a gritty toughness to her game, not backing down and playing hard on either end.' Boyd was tremendous with her ability to knock down shots from the perimeter, hitting multiple threes throughout but also being a team leader on the court.'