2021 Javon Floyd (PSB Elite): Floyd received his first offer from Shaw not long ago and more could be coming his way.  He plays strong, moves well, and really showed that he can score on multiple areas on the court, including knocking down a few threes.  Finished the day with 15 points and one to start really keeping an eye on more.

2021 Kadyn Dawkins (Team Cobras): Even though many may look at Dawkins' height, I think he uses it incredibly well to his advantage' finding those small holes, delivering great passes and finding his teammates, and showing off his quickness.  Kid is an absolute bucket-getter.

2021 AJ Hamrick (QCAA): Hamrick continues to impress with his play.  He can impact the game on both ends, using his length to his advantage on the defensive end.  He helps guard multiple positions, very disruptive, but can also showcase his ability to score on multiple levels. 

2024 Micah Gilbert (PSB Elite-Robbie): This was my first time getting a chance to watch his game but certainly have heard a ton about this young man.  One can see why' Sporting a tremendous frame as an incoming freshman, he has a smooth, downhill game when he attacks.  Can physically outplay and dominate guards on his way to getting to the paint consistently.  Gilbert can play off the ball or help initiate the offense, but he attacks constantly.  The combo guard showcased he is going to be one in the 2024 class.

2022 Roman Tut (WV Generals): The WV Generals have a ton of intriguing talent but 6'9 Tut may be the top on the list with his motor, versatility, and how he can handle the ball in the open floor.  He can fill up a stat sheet, getting on the glass, but he can also play multiple positions.

2022 Evan Smith (GameChangers): Smith is a known product around Charlotte but needs to have a bigger presence in the state with how skilled his game is.  The 6'3 guard plays with a great IQ and really can distribute and see the floor well, something he showed in high school this past season.  But this summer, he is showing that he can be a true scoring threat as well' allowing his defense to turn into offense, getting out in transition, and scoring on all three levels.  He is also really young for his grade.