2023 Will Waughtel (Manteo): Even though it was bright and early in the morning on Saturday, Waughtel must have woken up on the right side of the bed because he was a game-changer with his outside shooting. Waughtel hit seven 3-pointers to lead his team with 28 points in what was an impressive victory to start the day. He stepped up, got to his spots, and knocked down shots with a ton of confidence.

2026 Chaise Smith (Washington): Smith is going to be a name you will be hearing more about as he continues to grow and develop as a player but for a freshman, he plays with a ton of confidence. He has a strong scoring ability for his age, showing that he can be a threat with his jumper from multiple levels and has range in his shot, but also did a great job in creating off the bounce, attacking, and moving without the ball.

2023 Jordan Cooper (Camden): Cooper led the way for his team, as the senior guard played well in hitting shots with range but also making good decisions and picking his spots. He played well in finding the open spots on the court and stepping up to hit shots with a confident release.  His ability to hit shots really is what helped this team nearly come away with a win on Day 3.

2025 Adrean Newton Jr. (Maury): Newton captured my attention with his playmaking ability. The point guard did a great job in attacking and getting into the paint, displaying good speed and quickness, decisive moves to create, and a great feel in scoring around the basket. Shifty young guard that was strong on both sides of the floor.

2023 Israel Powell (Hertford Co.): Powell led the charge for his team in the win, whether it was knocking down shots from multiple levels, showing range in his perimeter game, being physical and attacking downhill and transition, or making a variety of other plays. Finished well with 20 points to help secure the win; strong impact on both sides of the ball.

2026 Zaevion Cleveland (Landstown): There were a few players that caught our eyes with Landstown but the 6’3 freshman really showed flashes of being a big piece with this program. He excelled in getting downhill and to the basket, as the strong guard finished at the rim and attacked in transition.  Cleveland plays with a nice feel and already has a good frame as a young prospect. 

2024 Connor Leitch (South Central): Leitch did everything he could to keep his team right there, especially as the 6’7 prospect was able to stretch the defense and make his opponents pay with his ability to be a consistent threat from three.  He knocked down multiple shots from outside, especially big ones late in the game to give his team a chance.

2024 Leslie Minter (Wilson Prep): The 6’5 junior prospect captured eyes last year in the same event and one can see that he has only continued to build on his game and his confidence. Though shots didn’t quite fall all the time, they did look good coming off his hand, as the 6’5 prospect does a great job in stretching the floor with his perimeter shooting from three. He also finished at the rim out in transition and used his size to get on the boards, racking up nine boards.