2024 Jordan Patton (Chambers):

Going to keep on saying it until more people notice; Patton is one that will simply help your team win games.  With how he can be used, Patton can be a vital piece on both offense and defense, and I expect him to really showcase that this season even more.  Patton’s size, versatility, impact on both ends, and athleticism should attract more eyes, but he also brings consistent production to the table.

2025 Jackson Powers (Davie County):

A walking double-double type of forwards, Powers did a nice job not only being a point of attack and active on the boards all around the paint, but continued to show his ability to step out and knock down shots.  Powers does a great job mixing it up, has a confident release, and just loves to outwork opponents on the boards as well.

2025 Jerricho Charleston (Ashbrook):

Charleston had a very impressive game, as the guard could be a weapon to watch out for North Rowan this season.  He just seemed to be everywhere on the court, always making plays, creating off the bounce, moving well with or without the ball, and showing that he can be a weapon from multiple levels. Finished Game 1 here on Day 2 with 28 points to help his team.

2024 Chase Daniel (Central Cabarrus):

Talk about a stat-stuffing game for Chase! He is part of a well-oiled machine at Central Cabarrus, but when you really dive into his stat line, it can be EXTREMELY impressive. Whether it was scoring off the dribble, displaying how crafty and quick he can be, his ability to get to his spots, helping out on the boards, swarming on defense, or facilitating, Chase did it all today.

2027 Josiah Johnson-Freeman (Northside Christian):

A key piece from last year, Freeman really showcased what he could be and what he could provide with another year of experience on the table.  He did a great job in showing more of his assertive nature, looking more for his shot; whether it was his pull-up game from mid-range or his perimeter shot, Freeman did a nice job in be aggressive in looking for his offense today.

2024 Brendan Bailey (Asheville Christian):

Bailey has had a very good summer and has continues to bring a force to the court for Asheville Christian.  He and his brother, Ian Bailey, will be two key pieces once again in helping lead the charge, as Brendan is such a fierce competitor on the court that embraces physical play, makes a living in finding ways to get to the basket, and plays hard in finishing through contact and on the boards.

2027 Ike Grainger (United Church of Basketball):

Grainger had a strong start on Day 2 of the Phenom MS Nationals, as the young man led a balanced attack for United Church of Basketball.  Whether it was his ability to create and finish strong around the basket, get to the line consistently, or knock down shots, Grainger brought a balanced attack to the floor. But overall as well, great team showing from United Church of Basketball.

2027 Micah Woods (Carolina Bulldogs):

If you want to talk about consistency, the strong play from Woods would fit that definition.  Woods is a young prospect that really made his presence known with his ability to be an impact scorer and fill it up in a variety of ways.  Game after game, he was able to make plays and be that go-to offensive weapon, using his long frame well to his advantage. Great overall showing from the young man throughout the weekend.