2027 Seth Woodard (Dillard Elite): Woodard has a very good showing on Day 2, as he helped big time for his team to a victory. His sheer presence down in the paint, his activity on the boards on both sides, creating second-chance opportunities, and finishing with touch is what helped his team in a HUGE way to a victory.

2027 Jack Gruendel (Upward Stars Carolina): Gruendel is one that played well on Day 1 and continued his strong play on Day 2, as he displayed range and confidence with his shot-making ability. Time after time, he was able to get to his spots and knock down open jumpers from inside and outside the arc. Confident and smooth release, Gruendel has been a consistent factor for his team all weekend long.

2029 Michael Russell (Team Rise): There was just something about his game that stood out, as the young guard showed that he can be a threat offensive in scoring but also made tremendous plays off the bounce to find and set up his teammates. Throughout the weekend, he was able to be that playmaker

2026 Max Van Weerdhuizen (Carolina Impact): Weerdhuizen was terrific and a standout all weekend long, and he finished the weekend off strong here on Day 2. The young guard is such a terrific shot-maker with range in his game, as he went off for seven 3-pointers to lead his team. Smooth release, gets to his spots, and doesn't need much time to find his shot. But he also can be effective off the bounce as well.

2027 Kendrick Pulley (Up Next): For an Up Next team that was strong all weekend long, it was the young guard Pulley that was the consistent leader after each game. Creating off the bounce, finding ways to get paint touches, finishing strong around and over defenders as well, Pulley was one of the go-to weapons all throughout the event.

2027 Adam Grier (Impact): Now reclassed to 2027, Grier should be a name to really look at as one of the top players in North Carolina. He has the experience and skill set to back it up as he plays with poise, IQ, is strong in attacking and finishing, but also can be a terrific playmaker for his teammates. Grier creates well for himself off the dribble, as he consistently played at a high level as one of the younger prospects at the event.