2029 Bryson Faulkwarner (Team United): Faulkwarner had a tremendous weekend last week and did so again here at the Summer Grind. Really good feel for the game at his age and can be a tough matchup with his ability to step out and knock down shots, as well as use his size to be a force around the basket. One to certainly watch as he grows up and develops.

2029 Maddox McNeil (Team Rise): McNeil made several big plays to lead the charge for his team, using his length to finish around the basket, as well as be a tough matchup with his size. He showed that he can bring a balanced attack, whether from behind the arc, in the paint, or out in transition.

2029 Braeden Green-Up (NC Go Hard): when you first watch Green-up in action, you can help but notice his size and physical frame for a player his age. But then, when you watch him, he can surprise you with how skilled he operates. He displayed the ability to make plays off the dribble, can smoothly finish around defenders, has a soft touch on his jumper, and uses his body to be a strong presence on both ends.

2027 John Brown (Up Next): Though this team overall was tremendous, it was Brown that really caught my eyes with his overall activity and motor, as well as his production. He just seemed to have his hands in every play, made his presence felt both offensively and defensively, and just continued to attack offensively.

2028 Kaedyn Cole (FBC Carolina): For a player just going into the 8th grade, he stands at 6'4 already and is quite long for his age. He finished with a Game 1 showing of 17 points, using his size to his advantage down low, but also showing a strong early feel in how to operate and be a presence on both sides of the ball. Another young name to jot down and watch for sure.

2027 Braden Miller (Riptide): A young player that continues to trend in the right direction, Miller continues to be a force and a double-double type machine on the court. The 6'4 forward brings a lot of physical tools to the game, but moves really well for his size. Always active, strong in operating in the paint, finishes with touch around the basket, and just knows how to bring production to the table for his team.

2026 Gavin Palmore (NC Spartans): Really like what I've seen out of Palmore this summer. He is an extremely strong and physical prospect that embraces contact, but also can be used in a variety of ways. His ability to rebound and push is impressive, while scoring inside and out, as well as at the rim. He was consistent all throughout Day 1 of the Summer Grind.

2031 Reason Hobbs (Team Hustle): The younger brother of Daevin Hobbs (Tennessee football) and Ella Hobbs (Ohio State commit), it seems like there is another one coming through North Carolina. Hobbs, still only going into fifth grade, has size much like the rest of his family, along with a football-like frame. Bruising big man down in the paint, active on the glass, and physical presence.