2025 Jake Benham (Mint Hill Lakers): Benham is going to be a name that I will be watching more, and I'm excited to see how his summer goes.' But so far, Benham has really elevated his game and is taking more of that lead role on his team.' Benham shows how strong and effective he can be from multiple levels, finishing and making plays off the bounce, but also being a tremendous presence from the outside. Has good range to his game with a smooth release.

2024 Jamarie Brown (EA Prep): It was good to see Brown in action again, as the South Carolina prospect continues to bring intrigue with his feel.' A good-sized point guard, Brown showed his ability to knock down shots and create for himself as well as be a leader on the floor, create for others, and bring a strong IQ/feel to the court.

2028 Bryson Schofield (Carolina Rebels): The big man was doing work down in the paint, as he not only was carving out space and clogging up the paint defensively, but he was also making a HUGE presence on the offensive boards.' Schofield created so many second-chance opportunities, really manning the glass, and finishing strong through defenders in the paint. He led the charge for his team on Day 1.

2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs): Gatehouse really captured some eyes on Day 1 with his strong play.' He has good early size, a good build, and was able to operate and make plays in a variety of ways.' He did a nice job in being aggressive and not settling, creating for himself and getting to the line, but also mixing it up from a variety of areas on the court.

2024 Evan Morton (Team Synergy): Morton is one and has been over the last few years such a critical piece to his team's success.' The strong-bodied guard does a great job making his presence felt on both ends of the court, being a consistent threat offensively in knocking down shots and plays with such a high IQ.' Make smart plays but within the offense as well.

2023 Vincent Alexander (Team Hustle): It's not always about scoring, as there are several other aspects in a player's game that can earn my attention. Alexander quickly gained mine with his energy and motor, as he did the dirty work for his team, played hard on both sides, and was vocal as well. But he also was able to be an effective scorer, finishing strong and outworking his opponents.

2025 Ahmari Hicks (Team HOPE): Team HOPE was impressive on Day 1 overall, as they were able to really showcase a balanced attack.' Hicks was one of many that played well, as he was able to really showcase his ability to be a balanced player. Can guard multiple positions with his size as a guard, has good perimeter skills, moves well without the ball to create opportunities, and does a great job in stepping out as well.

2023 Trey Minard (Anthony Morrow): Every time we have seen Minard in action, the 6'3 lengthy guard shows how effective he can be as an offensive weapon. He has a long frame, good athleticism, and really displays a strong ability to create for himself and score getting to the basket or from outside with his jumper.' Consistent scoring option on the floor each time we watch him.