2024 Grant Hamilton (Weddington): Hamilton was a known name coming into the event but he came out and really put his name on the map with his shot-making ability. Hamilton seemed to be making plays all over the court, whether it is knocking down shots and scoring, but also being active on the defensive end. Hamilton was able to create multiple turnovers to help his team, but his shot-making ability was impressive. He scored with terrific range, a confident release, and scored from all levels. Impressive showing from the junior guard.

2023 Sean Rose (Charlotte Latin): Really like how Rose has continued to grow and elevate his play, and believe that he should only be able to add more at the next level as he adjusts. But the one thing that you will always get is that Rose will play hard and compete. The senior forward uses his length and wingspan extremely well, walling up on the defensive end and altering shots as well as his ability to defend multiple positions. Rose also was impressive and active on the boards, attacking the offensive end and showing nice touch around the basket.

2023 Daevin Hobbs (Robinson): Hobbs has been a huge piece for this team over the years and continues to be that physical go-to piece down low in the paint but also showing more diversity in his game. The football star brings that same energy and strength to the court, carving out space, bullying through defenders, and showing a strong ability to finish with touch and how to use his body through contact. That doesn’t mention his great instincts on the boards as well, as he racked up an impressive double-double to help his team to a win on Day 1.

2024 Delani Hammonds (Ardrey Kell): Really liked what I saw from the point guard from Ardrey Kell. Hammonds can be a difference-maker on the court for his team, He is extremely quick and crafty, showing his ability to make plays with his dribble, change direction, and can really use his speed to get by defenders and get to the basket. Hammonds is getting stronger and even more confident with his scoring ability and being able to finish, as well as showcase his IQ feel and playmaking for his teammates.

2023 Isaiah Tate (Concord Academy): Tate was a big part of the team’s success on Day 1, stepping up with his ability to knock down shots and find ways to score from all over the floor. Tate is a great piece for this team, especially with his ability to get out, find his spots, and display the ability to knock down shots with range. Tate did just that but also didn’t settle when the opportunity was there. Tate finished leading the team with 22 big points for his team on Day 1.

2024 Jaeden Mustaf (Carmel Christian): Mustaf continues to prove his ability and impact on the court, being an absolute “dawg” when it comes to being able to score for himself and also his impact on the defensive end. Mustaf continues to attack and get downhill, being unstoppable when getting to the basket and excellent out in transition. But he also makes unselfish passes, goes through the offense, and allows his defense to feed into his offense. One of the best two-way players in the country.

2024 Sean Birmingham (Cannon): The new kid on the block here in North Carolina, continues to make waves with his play as he led the charge in what was an impressive showing by Cannon. Birmingham continues to be a matchup nightmare with his ability to stretch the court; but what also impresses us is his ability to make plays off the bounce, how fluid his shot-making ability is, and how he can help battle and operate from multiple areas of the court.

2024 Jordan Patton (Chambers): Patton is a player that is simply the x-factor for this team in what he provides; there are plenty of programs that could use a 6’4 prospect like him. He brings versatility, plays extremely hard, can operate from so many positions as well as defend. Patton chips in with his scoring ability, battling in the paint, finishing in transition, and knocking down shots as well. Patton is one of those guys that can fill up the stat sheet and help a team win.

2023 Riley Allenspach (Providence Day): Allenspach did everything he could to help lead his team in scoring, playing strong in the post, finishing and battling through contact, finding ways to score over each shoulder and touch, and also showing how skilled he is in stepping out and being effective. THe 6’10 big man was all over the court, filling up the stat line and making a difference on both nds.