2027 Faith Bekich (Charlotte Dragons):

A young big to keep an eye on, Bekich will be a name that you could see more as she enters high school next season.  Still young and developing her game, she does a great job of knowing where she excels down in the paint, being active on the boards, creating second-chance opportunities, and finding ways to score inside or from the line.

2026 Amayah Rogers (Carolina Waves):

Rogers did what she could to help lead her team, and she showed flashes of her game and what she is able to provide. A versatile piece on the floor, Rogers is one that finds ways to score from multiple levels, creates for her team, and just does what is needed to help her team to a victory.  A nice piece that finds ways to be effective.

2025 Maya Robinson (Team Blue):

Robinson is one that just caught my eye with her presence on both sides of the court. Not the biggest prospect to watch the paint, Robinson finds ways to make plays, displays a nice motor that works hard down low, is active both on offense and defense, and is simply one that knows her role and understands how to be effective in it.

2026 Charlotte Tune (Team Mack):

Tune continues to find her way on the standout list but when you watch her on the court, you simply just see how smart she is as a player.  She has a tremendous feel for the game, reading the defense, finding her spots, pulling up and knocking them down, and also being a clear leader for this team. Love her court awareness and presence, as she has had a strong summer and should only continue this upcoming season.

2025 Desiree Davis (Elite Solomon):

Davis captured our eyes with her strong play in helping her team to a victory.  Davis was doing a bit of everything on the court, as she stretched the floor with our outside shot, was consistently putting pressure on the defense and getting to the line, and making her presence felt on both ends of the floor.  Very good showing from her today to lead her team.