2027 Sean Nix (Team Dominate): What a showing this young man had, going for 42 points to lead the charge and doing all he could for his team.' He was able to score in a variety of ways, creating off the dribble, finishing strong, showing his jumper, and also finding ways to get to the line.' But I like what Cooper Hart also said, as he played within the offense and looked to get others involved as well. Strong showing from the young man.

2024 Ebrima Jabbi (Combine): A big man that knows how to be big, Jabbi continues to be a force in the paint and on the boards.' The 7-footer still is raw and developing, but one can see that there is a lot to like in what he ultimately could be. But he does bring a consistent presence in scoring around the basket, showing touch, and adding a little bit more to his game.' Had a solid Day 1 showing there in Bermuda Run.

2025 Darnerian Gibson (Big Shots Elite NC): Gibson has proven himself time after time; a true point guard that knows how to run the show.' He makes everyone else better, makes terrific reads and creates well off the dribble. He can knock down shots with confidence from multiple areas but also just makes everything else flow well for his team. Also love his defensive mindset; plays so hard and scrappy on the court. '

2024 Chol Machot (WS Christian): What an impressive showing from the 7-footer, as you can see that he has been putting in the work and has gotten a lot better from when we first saw him. Looks stronger, a better understanding of the game, is effective from outside with a smooth release, finished strong at the rim, and shows that he can be an elite shot-blocker. Really impressive showing, as he gave us a bit of everything on the court.

2025 Trajan Thompson (EA Prep): Thompson was another prospect I was interested in seeing, especially how he has developed over the summer.' When you talk about his game, I believe he is one that brings versatility to the court with his long frame and size, but he also looked more comfortable and assertive as well. Finished time after time at the rim, displayed tremendous athleticism, but also is one that can be used in a variety of ways on the court.

2025 Cam Flippen (Team PUSH): Flippen has proven himself time after time; you know what he is going to bring and the energy he provides. Love his leadership and ability to make a difference on both sides of the ball, but one can not point out more of his ability to knock down shots from the outside. Opening some more eyes in his ability to be an effective scorer from so many levels, as well as a defensive presence.