2024 Miles Beard (Team Charlotte): Beard continues to show that he can be an effective weapon on the court, as he continues to expand more of his offensive game and show that he can not only be a physical scoring guard but also step out and be that perimeter presence. He did just that on Day 1, as he continues to be a strong scoring option for his team.

2024 Javier Ortiz (Wildcats Elite): You just have to like what Ortiz brings to the table for his team. Whether he is an extremely valuable role player or demonstrates his ability to be one of the leaders offensively, Ortiz is one that can provide many options. Really like his length and two-way presence, his ability to be assertive but also be an effective teammate as well.

2026 Gavin Alexander (Ardrey Kell): A new name that I will be monitoring and watching, Alexander is a young prospect that seemingly has made tremendous strides with his game but still is very raw overall. But from what I saw, he was able to show flashes of his game with his athleticism, his motor, his activity, his ability to impact on both ends, and still a lot of upside left in the tank. A name to jot down and watch for as he develops.

2027 RJ Davis (Carolina Rebels): Davis is a player that I really like and believe that he is going to be a name you hear a lot more later on. He is that young, long forward that could really blossom even more with his potential. But he understands how to run the floor from rim to rim, be a rim protector for his team, and display athleticism in finishing at the rim. There is a lot to like about his game and what he could ultimately be.

2026 Jossiah Johnson (Team Wall): Johnson continues to thrive and find ways to be productive on the court. For a player his age, he is incredibly strong and physical, creates and embraces contact, finishes through defenders, and brings a consistent presence to the court. Johnson understands what he can bring to the table and executes really well. Can't wait to see how he continues to improve.

2025 Teon Tindal (Carolina Rebels): Tindal continues to be a name that grabs our attention and brings a consistent presence around the paint. The forward works hard, plays strong in the post, finishes well at the rim or around the basket with touch, and stays active in creating more opportunities for his team.

2026 Ian Bailey (Team Vision): Bailey really opened up eyes to several outlets with his play during the HS LIVE period, and he has only continued to show what we have seen over the last year or so. Poise, high IQ, great feel and court awareness, makes plays for himself and others, and shows tremendous composure on the floor. Love his feel with the ball in his hands, whether scoring or dishing.