Luke Lentz

2022 Lebron Thomas (FIBA):

This young man continues to produce effectively and consistently every time he steps on the floor. Not sure what else needs to be seen, as the 6’3 point guard really impacts the floor in an array of ways. He scores the ball incredibly well, aggressively getting downhill and finishing through and around defenders, while also racking up the assists and rebounds.  LeBron continues to be a player that I personally think should get more attention, especially if you need scoring firepower.

2022 Ezekiel Cannedy (Team HOPE):

Cannedy came out strong and firing on Day 1 early on, as he was filling up the state sheet, scoring the ball all over the court and in an array of ways.  The scoring guard moves really well without the ball, finding openings in the defense and having a quick trigger on his shot.  Really confident start to his weekend and one to watch for sure.

2023 Cole Callaway (Carolina Riptide):

What you have to like about Callaway is the continued growth in his overall feel and understanding. In the start, he showcased his range consistently and continues to do so, but with opponents catching on and looking to make him score in other ways, Callaway continues to show his development in scoring other ways.  He is putting it on the deck more, finishing strong, or showing his pull-up game. It seems like the game is slowing down and becoming easier for the young guard.

2022 Jaden Lingo (TSF):

Lingo was one of the first players that really had scouts and others talking to start the day, as the 2022 guard was impressed with his feel for the game.  He does a little bit of everything, as the 6’3 prospect played with a balanced, smooth game, and with a great pace. At times it looked effortless, gliding through the defense and finishing with craft and ease, while also stepping out when the defense gave him space. A new name for us but one that quickly got our attention.

2022 Luke Krawczyk (Mint Hill Lakers):

Krawczyk continues to elevate his game each time we have seen him on the floor this summer. What you have to notice more about his game is his activity level and willingness to be more of a force around the rim. The forward moves incredibly well all throughout the court, whether it is stepping outside or moving to create easy opportunities for himself around the rim. Krawczyk continues to take those steps in his game, which is why more schools are coming his way.

2022 Luke Lentz (BMaze Biven):

Though listed at 5’10, Lentz put on a show to start his day, scoring 21 points in an array of ways. He started with his outside game, knocking down perimeter shots (something he has shown times before) but you also have to like how gritty and tough he is in other areas. He isn’t afraid to mix it up and put the pressure on the defense, allowing him to get to the line or make plays for others.