2021 Glynn Hubbard (Northside Christian): Hubbard played well in leading the charge on offense for Northside. Showing his leadership, his court vision, and his ability to create off the dribble.  Hubbard worked well in pushing the ball downhill and displaying a nice blend of playmaking and scoring ability.

2023 Aaron Hall (Northside Christian): The young man had a strong showing, giving fans a glimpse of his athleticism and strong feel on the court.   He is a mobile forward that brings a strong presence on the boards and runs the floor well, getting to his spot around the paint.

2021 Noel Tesfa (Northside Christian): Tesfa really stepped up for his team in a time of need, showing that he can step up when called upon. He provided another leading ball-handler but also showcased his range and hit some big shots for his team early on.

2022 Kory Davis (York Prep): Davis led the charge for York Prep, really being a difference-maker on both ends of the floor.  Offensively, he showed that he could lead at point guard, penetrate the lane, and use his quickness to his advantage, while also knocking down shots off the ball.  Defensively, he did a good job in creating havoc and putting pressure on the ball handler.

2021 Raekwon Horton (Moravian Prep): A new face for Moravian Prep, Horton really stepped up for his team on both ends of the floor. The big-frame prospect did a terrific job in getting down the court, using his size and skillset well, and finishing around the basket.   

2021 BJ Freeman (Moravian Prep): Freeman continues to show how he has developed and increased his ability to impact the floor offensively. Rebounding and pushing the ball on the break, creating for himself and displaying his versatility, while also being a threat along the perimeter.

2022 Marcus Kell (Legion): Kell was off the charts and he certainly proved to others how he can be a scorer, knocking down shots with a smooth shooting stroke but also using his 6’7 frame to get to the rim and finish. He was THE offensive threat for his team and really impressed with his ability to knock down shots and be an offensive threat in so many areas.