2022 David Dixon (Speights Academy): Jamar Franklin was strong all tournament long but so was David Dixon and we think Duquesne got an absolute steal. His blend of size, mobility, and strong motor, there weren’t many that could slow him down around the basket and he just seems to get his hands on everything. Love his work ethic on the court and he is quite skilled for his position.

2022 Cole Sinclair (WS Christian PG): Cole Sinclair did what Cole Sinclair has done all season long; he knows how to be a scoring guard and fill it up. Whether it is from the perimeter knocking down threes, his mid-range game, or getting to the rack. But he also creates well for others, can be a useful ballhandler, and just has a knack of putting the ball in the hoop.

2022 Jaden Martin (Westlake): Martin may have been one of my favorites throughout the tournament. Martin’s length immediately catches your attention, but then you add his fluid movement on the court, his impressive athleticism that impacts both sides of the court, and his length/arms to go along with feel around the basket, it is no surprise that schools are looking his way. Loved his game!

2022 Cardel Baily (TLAP): Got a chance to watch Baily twice throughout the weekend and he captured my eyes with his 6’6 long frame, his ability to knock down TOUGH shots from multiple levels, his ability to fly through the air and finish, and his aggressiveness on the court. He can play on or off the ball, create his own shot, and get to the rack as well.

2022 Massal Diouf (Western Canada): Diouf is hard to miss, as his 6’9 strong frame isn’t hard to find but when you watch more of his game, you can be surprised with his ability to handle, push in transition and create, while finishing strong at the rim or showing great touch with either hand. He seemed to be all over and is a workhorse on the court.

2022 Toby Nnadozie (Believe Prep): Nnadozie is one of several players that Believe Prep has but the 6’3 guard continues to impress with his ability to create and slash to get to the basket. Love his athleticism and his ability to score in a variety of ways, while also playing hard on the defensive end. Really helped his team all throughout the weekend.

2024 Izzah Cannon (Olympus Prep): Cannon was another new name that caught our attention with Olympus. He is very intriguing with his 6’4 frame and his ability to get downhill and score but also play off the ball and get to his spots from deep. Really good understanding of the game for his age with room to grow, which certainly makes him one to watch.