2023 Ka’leel Stillman (SE Elite Gold 2024): Stillman was a new name for us at Phenom Hoops, but he had a lot of buzz surrounding him and his play. Hard to find a player at his size, but he also showcased his touch and feel around the paint, how strong he can be in finishing at the rim, he runs the floor extremely well, and makes his mark on the boards. Stillman really impressed and should be a target for many programs.

2024 Jamarcus Brown (Team Amore): Brown really made a bigger name for himself at this event. The 6’5 prospect was relentless in his attack, as he brings an impressive blend of strength, athleticism, and motor. He used that to his advantage in attacking the defense, overpowering opponents, and scoring around the basket time after time. He filled it up consistently throughout, while also making a strong presence defensively and on the boards.

2024 Carlos Vazquez (Team Loaded 336): Vazquez is a player that you just can’t help but love what he brings to the table. He has the size, versatility, skill set, and IQ to be effective in so many areas; he also works very hard with his game. With his size and experience, Vazquez has the ability to defend and operate from so many positions. He showcased his ability to make plays off the dribble, create his own shot, get in the paint, and also be a true leader with a ton of versatility. He should be on several college programs’ lists this summer and could be in for a breakout-type season.

2024 Amari Latham (Team PUSH NC): Talk about a breakout event, Latham is one that I’ve personally spoken about on several occasions and has said to watch out for him; believe he is underrated in what he provides and his intrigue. Well, he showed that and more in the event, guarding bigger prospects, helping out on the glass like he has in high school, and showing his impact in getting to or operating around the rim as well as more of his outside game. Latham had a huge weekend, and if you watched his games, he should easily be a player now on the radar for so many schools.

2024 Jordan Patton (Upward Stars Carolinas): If I was a college program, Patton would be on my list for sure. Why? He helps teams win and impacts the game in a variety of ways. Whether you need him to defend multiple positions, attack the boards, make smart plays, put his body on the line, or be an offensive weapon, Patton just does what is needed for his team. Really excelled more as an offensive weapon throughout the weekend, finishing out in transition, creating and getting downhill, or finding his jumper.

2024 Alex Atkinson (Upward Stars Columbia): Atkinson is an intriguing prospect that we watched throughout the weekend. He has the size that you like at 6’8, he is long, competes and impacts the game in a variety of ways, and also impressed with his ability to defend along the perimeter. He is a very versatile forward that can knock down shots, moves well on both ends, has nice touch around the basket, and can help on the boards. Liked what I saw from the big man.