2025 Reece Starnes (Butler): Starnes started the event off in a big way, as he was imposing with his overall presence. The 2025 big man was all over the boards, racking up double-digit boards in the first half and ultimately ended with 22 rebounds total. He was incredible both offensively and defensively, battling through opponents and contact. Offensively he was able to use his frame to score through defenders as well as get to the line, finishing with 16 points and 22 rebounds.

2024 Izaiah Littlejohn (Hickory): Littlejohn is one we have highlighted several times before and continues to be an underrated prospect here in North Carolina. Littlejohn really showcased his potential in being a stat-stuffer, scoring at the rim, attacking and getting to the line, not settling and attacking the boards, displaying good athleticism in a variety of manners, and also being a strong team player.

2025 Zacch Wiggins (Wesleyan Christian): Wiggins continues to lead the charge and one can see that he has clearly stepped up as a leader. He was engaged throughout the game, made strong moves and made physical plays downhill, didn’t force and played within the team but also was a playmaker for himself as well. He continues to make good strides in his game.

2028 Jaleel Smith (Northside Christian): Talk about a young prospect stepping up in a BIG way, as Smith led the way for his team in impressive fashion as an eighth grader. You can see that he has continued to develop nicely and understand the game, and continues to be a valuable asset with his ability to help run the charge, score and be a playmaker, and showcase his true competitive nature.

2027 King Gibson (TBS): There is just so much to like about his game and I’m eager to see how he will only continue to develop with his game. But when you talk about Gibson’s game, his blend of athleticism and bounce, his presence and feel in getting downhill, and his impact both offensively and defensively is really impressive as just a freshman. The sky is the limit for this young man here in North Carolina.

2025 Isaiah Henry (Cannon): Henry continues to flourish and prove why he is one of the top guards in the class for 2025 here in North Carolina. He can hurt you in so many ways; if you play off of him, he can attack downhill and finish with the best with how physically strong he is but also can hurt you from the perimeter. And he was excellent in making his impact on the boards as well.

2024 Maurio Hanson (Chambers): The unsigned senior continues to play at a high level and he showed it all at the event. Whether you want him running and scoring at the rim, operating down in the post, making plays on the boards, or showing just how well he is in seeing the floor as a big, Hanson simply produces and did so in a big way at the event.

2024 Kameron Taylor (Carmel Christian): Taylor put on another incredible show and displayed why he is possibly the top unsigned senior here in North Carolina. He scored how he wanted and when he wanted, whether it was flying high and throwing it down, getting to his spots inside the defense, or knocking down threes. He did it however he wanted and played with tremendous energy on his way to 39 points.