2025 Jayln Connor (Team Charlotte): Still remember watching this young man on his first days of practice at Mallard Creek and he caught my eyes then and continues today.  Connor is a confident guard on the floor, making plays for himself and others but really catching our eyes with his ability to be a threat from outside.  He has terrific range and can make opponents pay, but he really showed a nice well-rounded game to start the tournament off.

2023 Patrick Tivnan (Team HOPE Laney): This event is loaded with talent and Tivnan really proved himself on Day 1.  The forward has been a well-known name throughout the Phenom Hoops landscape and going up against some of the premier talents, he was one of the top players of the day. His ability to create, put on the deck and get to the basket, finish well, but also stretch the floor.  Expect him to continue to get more eyes his way, especially in how he creates a tough matchup on the floor.

2023 Riley Allenspach (Team Curry 17u): The big man continues to make strides with his game, as he continues to take the necessary steps down low.  What you have to really like about his game is his blend of strength, his footwork and understanding in how to operate down in the post, his touch around the basket, and his ability to even step out and stretch the floor. 

2023 Elijah Strong (Team Curry 17u): From watching when he was just a freshman to where he is today, one can see that Strong has really put in the work to impact the game in a variety of ways.  He continues to get stronger and really can create a tough matchup offensively. With his mid-range game, ability to knock down the three, and his physical frame to get on the boards. 

2025 Trent Steinour (Riptide): Steinour is one that I would be jumping on early, as the forward only continues to blossom as a prospect and understand the game more.  With his length and size, his developing frame, his skillset and fluidity, and his presence on both ends, one can see the flashes that this young man has and what he could be in the end.  

2025 Jonah Lawrence (Team Curry 15u): Just another young prospect that you will be hearing much more about. He was already one of the clear leaders for his high school team and it seems that he has only grown since then, filling out his frame.  Lawrence displayed good athleticism on the court, finishing at the rim, creating off the bounce, and knocking down shots from a variety of levels. 

2025 Osvaldo Haynes II (Team Curry 15u): Haynes is one that many haven’t heard much about but think that will change the more time he gets to play.  He has had the chance to learn the game behind some strong prospects at Chambers and it seems that his time will be coming soon.  His frame is filling out and Haynes is starting to really understand what he is capable of being down in the paint, finishing strong through contact, and developing his footwork as well. 

2024 Cam Miles (Team MOAM): First time watching Miles and I was impressed with what he showed all over the court.  He gave us a glimpse of his ability to score with a smooth feel, getting to the basket and finishing around defenders or at the rim. But he also made several plays in seeing the floor, finding his teammates well, and getting on the boards.  An effective scorer with the ball in his hands though, really showing how he could finish and create for himself.