What is so great about the Phenom Post Grad Nationals is that it gives teams one last chance to not only compete for a title but be seen by college coaches.  We had over college coaches everywhere along the baselines this year in Rock Hill to check out the talent and one program that should have caught their attention was DME PG National.  Why? Because when you watch, there is strong talent that we think is being overlooked but hopefully that will change after this weekend.

Whether you are looking for mobile, skilled bigs or guards that can produce, DME PG Academy has talent that can play at the next level.  Just look at what was said this past weekend at the PG Nationals about various players.

“Really like the skillset & versatility of 6’8 ‘22 Victor Panov (DME). Lefty forward who is really good in face-up situations. Strong finisher. Nice perimeter shot.”

“6’10 ‘22 Zinou Beddri (DME) has tremendous skill to go along with his size & length. Really good at utilizing fakes with his back to the basket. Capable of stretching the floor.”

“2022 6’6 Aidan Rubio displaying his scoring capability, moving well without the ball but also making plays.”

“2022 6’7 Marvin Brumfield has such a confident, smooth shooting stroke. Knocking down shots early from behind the arc here.”

“2022 6’8 Victor Panov continues to impress with his skill set, his mobility, and his feel for the game. This is a next-level type forward that continues to go under the radar.”

“Big man trio of 2022s Alex Doyle, Zinou Beddri, and Victor Panov are very impressive for, overwhelming that all three are long with touch and skills inside as well as versatile to stretch the floor and defend.”

“2022 Alex Doyle (DME) is one I think more should take a look at with his size, skill set, his versatility on the court, and his ability to score in a variety of ways. Played well once again with 15 points today.”

“6’7 ‘22 Marvin Brumfield (DME) with the go-ahead 3 with 45 seconds left in the 2nd half. Excellent in catch & shoot situations. Great footwork coming off screens & knocking down shots.”