By: Ethan Reece

2022 Ethan Smith (Winston 76ers)Ethan had probably the performance of the day and torched the nets for 32 pts off 7 threes in a high caliber matchup (win) against Lake Norman. He's long at 6'7 and has the high release Larry Bird shot that's hard to block. Wasn't phased at all with defenders draping over him and hands in his face, and by the time they caught on it was too late, kept the rhythm going all game

2025 Asher Tolbert (PSB Cassada)For a guy that has already proven to be a valuable piece who knows his role, today seemed like a big day where he really stepped up and expanded his game. Proved a high-quality spot-up threat, much more capable than defenses gave him credit for as he made 4 threes with confidence. And he stepped up today with a short 6 man rotation, working the offense for quality looks and asserting himself as a lead playmaker.

2026 Jhyi Dawkins (Team Loaded 919)There's something about the relentless pursuit of the basketball from Jhyi that is exciting to watch. His game is very energetic, as is his team, but he brings the intensity while maintaining a calm sense of composure amidst the battle. His sense of rebounding and sprinting the floor combined with his length and hops give him the ability to be an elite rebounder and shot-blocker. He will probably end up primarily being a guard unless he sprouts up more but he plays inside out well right now and is bound to intimidate opponents with his aggression as he hits the weight room before high school

2025 Jake Cackovic (Strong Center)Jack is another guy like Jhyi above that plays inside out and showcases his versatility. He apparently has grown 6 inches in the last year, making him the tallest guy and allowing him to play big down low while stepping out offensively. He's got the makeup of a scoring wing with his coordination and shooting stroke, taking the big guys as they come outside. Shot the ball well in both games today and hit 4 threes in the second win

2026 Nate Jones (Strong Center)Nate was practically impossible to stop both times I saw him today. The young playmaker has a very well-rounded game and has the ability to get his while attracting defenders to create for others as well. Difficult to stay in front of and gets so many paint touches to boost the offense in different ways. Led the charge in two commanding wins today and got very active defensively in the press with his quick hands picking pockets or snipping passing lanes