by: Ethan Reece

2025 Andreas Kazanos (PSB Cassada)
Andreas came to play in a high caliber matchup against a well coached SWV Hustle.  He started the game out hot and never looked back, knocking down big shot after shot in a back and forth game.  Finished with 25 off 7 threes but is ideally a crafty PG, as he ran the offense and controlled the pace of the game.  Finished off with a victory, doing what was necessary down the stretch as a ball handler and decision maker.

2024 Jordan Dancy (Carolina Gaters)
There’s a lot of untapped potential in Jordan, who’s already a 6’5 long and athletic play maker.  Caught a body in the early minutes and kept that same energy as he got downhill and finished all game in a win over the Riptide.  Felt like he could practically reach and finish all the way across the lane with his wingspan.  Quick and explosive first step of course, but has the ball handling capabilities to take advantage of all his opportunities to get downhill.

2023 Kaleb James (DCBC)
I don’t remember seeing so many explosive plays look so easy all in one game.  Kaleb’s athleticism is off the charts and makes the games so effortless for him.  He knows where his living is being made, and starts it out on the defensive end with his long and active reach cutting off passing lanes to get transition opportunities.  Proved himself as a smooth operator in this one, as his teammates had a field day throwing him lobs in transition as his DCBC squad rolled to a commanding win.

2025 Mark Huff (SWV Hustle)
The game is clearly being taught the right way for the SWV Hustle squad, and there’s clear evidence with PG and floor general Mark Huff.  Shows a lot of maturity and poise as he commandeers the system each time down.  Quick ball handler and decision maker matches well with his high IQ and showcased his abilities well in a high caliber PG matchup against fellow 2025 Andreas Kazanos of PSB Cassada.

2025s Treyvon and Brayden Rainey (SWV Hustle)
These twins know how to ball!  Like every other guy on this squad, they know their role and never stray from it.  Both stay patient and trust the system, finding their easy looks as they cut and read their man.  They operate as stretch posts, Brayden more of a post than Treyvon, but both guys are athletic and strong with the ability to play inside and out.  Really strong rebounders and defenders, have the ability to quietly fill up the score sheet without you knowing it by how well they run their offense and maximize their touches.

2025 Jerron Blackwell (Team BOND)
Hard to believe that Jerron is a 2025 prospect with some of the plays he makes.  Reads the defense well coming up the court and understands when and how to attack.  He’ll keep growing, but he’s already got a strong body for a varsity point guard.  Look for him to make an immediate impact at Page next season with his energy and intensity, finished Saturday off with a solid 21 point showing in a win over a good 2024 Carolina Gaters.

2025 Donyel Parker (CSB Elite)
In a frenzied back and forth battle against PSB Cassada, Donyel stood out with how much energy he played with.  Good thing too, as he capitalized on a lot of deflections within his team’s full court press.  The long guard was able to get it done on both ends, doing a little bit of everything for his squad as a rebounder, primary ball handler and playmaker, and defender.

2023 Dylan Barnwell (Team Vizion)
Dylan held down the paint and took care of his business defensively.  A solid rim protector and rebounder, the 6’9 big showed good operating actions off the pick and roll.  Came down and slammed one off the dish, definitely surprised some people because to that point he had gone with the soft touch floats, which were really effective around the basket and are definitely his go to.