6'9 '21 Joseph Ferrante (South Mecklenburg)

There were numerous quality teams on display but none as consistently impressive as South Meck, and Ferrante was a major part of their success. He's a great leader and primary offensive cog for this group, given the way he communicates and unselfishly controls the interior on both ends of the floor. The lefty is almost guaranteed within five feet but also regularly shows face-up ability from midrange or beyond the arc. Though still under-recruited, expect the post prospect to collect a variety of offers going forward. 

6'3 '24 Bishop Boswell (South Mecklenburg)

Although the South Meck is loaded with talent, it was still pretty easy to see the high-level abilities of Boswell. He's young, but legitimately might already be among the top prospects in attendance. Boswell showcases a complete game with zero weaknesses on either side of the ball. He's already a genuine force with the ball in his hands, able to effortlessly dictate the action as the primary creator and decision-maker. Boswell also shoots the ball at a high clip while constantly displaying IQ and craftiness. He's absolutely a name worth noting, as he appears to have the makings of a special prospect.

6'9 '21 Luc Therrien (Bull City Prep)

The Bull City Prep roster is overflowing with talent, and Therrien's steady, subtle game fits perfectly with this group. He doesn't do anything outside of his abilities or the team structure, which allows him to complement others quite well. Therrien rebounds well, alters shots, and highlighted above-the-rim athleticism. 

5'8 '25 Will Sherrill (TGB Wildcats)

Though somewhat unassuming, Sherrill and the Wildcats were absolutely dominant in their showing at our Open Run. He's a smart, unselfish floor general that already knows how to manage a game with poise and leadership. Sherrill typically focuses on setting up others, but also scores the ball at a reliable rate from multiple levels. 

6'7 '22 Chris Hunt (Buzz City Elite)

There were multiple standout performers on this Buzz City Elite, but Hunt's willingness to do the little things is what allows him to make a lasting impact in every contest. He plays hard and utilizes his length to effectively alter shots around the basket. Hunt displays a quality nose for the ball and locates rebounds on both ends of the floor.