#24- Will Googins- No player has displayed a stronger motor than Googins, who seems to naturally make plays all over the floor. He’s smart, poised, and never looks rushed. Googins scores the ball efficiently from all three levels but also possesses vision and craftiness when penetrating.


#55- Logan Deaver- The scrappy forward/post prospect was quite effective throughout his time at camp. Deaver rebounded the ball consistently on both ends of the floor and displayed quality touch around the basket. He made numerous hustle plays and ran the floor with purpose in transition.


#10- KJ Taylor- Though somewhat small, Taylor was excellent at running the show during camp. He’s quick and can reliably take opponents off the bounce whenever he desires, which allows him to touch the paint and make plays for himself or others. Taylor played an intelligent brand of basketball on both ends of the floor.


#37- Dimetrious Jones Jr.- In the conversation for top all-around performer on display, Jones has been nothing short of spectacular today. He’s done everything for his team and has done so with unbelievable poise, efficiency, and intelligence. Jones is so smart, crafty, and truly possesses no holes within his skillset. He scores on three levels, leads by example, and has all the makings of a star prospect.


#44- Kahmare Holmes- There’s a lot to like with Holmes, who has easily been one of the most complete guards in attendance. He has a great motor and seems to naturally make plays on defense through his length, activity, and awareness. Holmes does a quality amount of everything and has an intelligent two-way approach.


#56- Moses McDowell- The strong-bodied post prospect has easily been the most impactful defensive player on display. He’s somewhat raw offensively, but possesses incredible defensive instincts, from rebounding to protecting the rim, and alters an abundance of shots around the rim. McDowell played nicely within himself and looked to make passes to open teammates whenever possible.


#35- London Johnson- It should go without saying, but Johnson is certainly the top prospect in the building. He has an incredible frame with great length, athleticism, and smoothness. Johnson scores the ball effortlessly from all three levels, controls the action on both ends, and can play above the rim at times. As smooth as he was scoring the ball, Johnson’s rebounding production was arguably the most impressive part of his showing today.


#52- Myles Williamson- The big, strong-bodied guard prospect was very productive and intriguing throughout the day. Williamson is smart and offers great offensive balance; he passes the ball very well and isn’t afraid to mix things up with his scoring approach. He attacks the basket extremely well and finishes consistently through contact.


#6- AJ Adams- No prospect displayed better vision or sharper playmaking instincts than Adams, who possesses an incredibly advanced feel for the game and his teammates. He made the smart/correct read more times than anyone, and showcased an unbelievable amount of craftiness throughout the process. Adams is somewhat undersized, but he has a special array of tools.


#46- Howard Herbert- The long, wiry wing/forward prospect brought a lot of intrigue with his approach and skillset. He’s young, but was able to apply scoring pressure in every single contest. Herbert displayed a smooth perimeter jumper and made a ton of plays defensively. He’s a player that should continue trending upward.