6'7 '24 Maurio Hanson (Chambers)

Although it should be apparent to anyone who follows this team, Maurio Hanson looks more than prepared to assert himself as the undisputed leader for Chambers. Folks already know about his polish as a strong, physical low-post player (which was evident here), but the big man also found ways to stand out as a playmaker in this showing. He got to his left whenever he wanted, finished through contact, and rebounded well on both ends of the floor. Hanson displayed a nice comfort level when pushing the break and making decisions with the ball in his hands. 

6'2 '24 CJ Alston (NC GBB)

It's easy to appreciate the balance that NC GBB possesses, and CJ Alston is a massive reason why. He's simply a tough, heady, well-rounded player with the ability to reliably produce from either guard spot. Alston is a great defender, utilizing a strong blend of quickness, instincts, and positioning to mirror his assignment. He's a great penetrator with the ability to make quality passes or finish through contact. Alston simply knows how to manage a team and impact a game on both ends of the floor. 

6'8 '25 Kaden Hammond (The Burlington School)

Given everything he does for this group, it feels like Kaden Hammond should have way more action within his recruitment. He's smart, strong, and comfortably controls the paint on both ends of the floor. Hammond utilizes his body extremely well to screen and carve out rebounding position and space on the block. He finishes around the basket, but can also space the floor or make high-level passes. Hammond controls the glass and anchors the paint very well defensively.

6'1 '26 Rassell Young (Mallard Creek)

After watching his incredible level of IQ, poise, and leadership, it seems obvious that Rassell Young is among the top prospects in attendance. He did a phenomenal job of dictating the action with the ball in his hands, both as a scorer and playmaker, and consistently set the tone on both ends of the floor. Young plays with great pace, makes the correct read, and scores with efficiency from all levels. He's also a quality defender, rebounder, and transition threat. Expect various types of programs to extend scholarships going forward, as he is a special floor general. 

6'6 '25 Addison Newkirk (Greensboro Day)

There are a variety of meaningful pieces within the Bengals' roster, but Addison Newkirk is arguably as valuable as anyone. His ability to consistently affect all facets of the game while making winning plays and shining as a leader on the floor. Newkirk handles the ball, scores from all levels, and displays excellent two-way versatility. He rebounds extremely well for his size/position and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Newkirk is a true difference-maker. 

6'7 '26 Cole Cloer (Orange)

It should be obvious to anyone who watches, but Cole Cloer continues to showcase the makings of a special player. At 6-foot-7 with IQ, athleticism, and a complete skillset, he's virtually unstoppable. Cloer can comfortably dictate the offensive action as a primary creator or find opportunities without the ball in his hands. He scores with frequency and efficiency from all levels, yet still prioritizes making the right play whenever possible. Although he's extremely smooth, Cloer also displays toughness, activity on the glass, and a scrappy defensive nature. This team is at their best when he's the focal point.

6'11 '24 Makoi Mabor Marier (Gaston Christian)

Arguably the best rim-protector in the state, Mabor looked to showcase more of his overall identity in this contest. He still offered his usual amount of finishing, rebounding, and rim protection, but also displayed vision, perimeter shooting, and solid ball-handling ability. Though he's still at his best when running the floor and playing to his strengths, it was eye-opening to watch Mabor do so many intriguing things. 

6'2 '24 Grant Hamilton (Weddington)

Given the structure of this group, it doesn't take long to appreciate everything Grant Hamilton brings to the table. Between his knockdown shooting, useful playmaking, and overall leadership, he did a phenomenal job of controlling the action. Hamilton scored from all levels, secured rebounds, defended his assignment well, and caused a ton of problems with his cutting ability. It's difficult to say anything other than positives about his identity, as he only continues to get better and better. Hamilton should collect offers going forward.