6'1 '25 Bryson Mickey (NC Spartans)

Certain players bring a unique level of excitement when they take the court, and Mickey has rapidly become one of those guys. What he lacks in explosion, he makes up for with IQ, pace, playmaking, and polished three-level scoring. Mickey is legitimately brilliant at dissecting opposing defenses and making the correct read with the ball in his hands. He's a knockdown shooter with range and the ability to consistently hit jumpers off the catch, bounce, and movement. Mickey is a scrappy defender with quality instincts for intercepting passing lanes and leading the break in transition. Given everything he brings, expect Mickey to have a notable high school season. 

6'5 '25 Justice Mitchell (Team Legacy)

Despite having multiple standout performers, it would be difficult to ignore the production Mitchell brings to this group. At 6-foot-5, he possesses the necessary combination of size, skill, and athleticism to toggle between the paint and perimeter. Mitchell finishes above the rim, spaces the floor, and attacks effectively off the bounce. He understands how to defend multiple positions and rebound on either side of the ball. 

6'4 '25 Jaylen Cross (Team DWill)

In terms of dominance, Cross was easily the top performer on display. He did absolutely everything. Whether hitting threes, attacking the basket, finding opportunities as a lob threat, or converting turnaround and midrange pull-ups, Cross highlighted the full scoring arsenal. After casually destroying opponents on offense, he still worked hard defensively, created for others, and offered a consistent presence as a rebounder. Cross continues to showcase the makings of a special player. 

5'8 '27 Nate Jones (Strong Center)

Although Strong Center had various standouts, Jones was arguably as impressive as anyone in attendance. He's a smart, dynamic point guard with incredible balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Jones shoots the ball really well from beyond the arc, but also attacks closeouts and hits midrange pull-ups at a consistent rate. He's a terrific passer with the blend of pace, vision, and unselfishness to shine as the lead creator. Jones utilizes his quickness to cause problems for opponents on both ends of the floor. 

6'7 '24 Moss Washington (NLMB Elite)

It was easy to appreciate the balance shown from NLMB Elite, and Washington stood out as a clear difference-maker. His size, length, mobility, and ability to produce as a low-maintenance piece are massive parts of what makes him so effective. Washington plays hard and produces well within his role on both ends of the floor. He alters shots, secures rebounds, and finishes around the basket whenever possible.