6’3 ’26 Ian Bailey (Team Vision)                                                                                                     

There were a lot of positive flashes from Bailey in this contest. He clearly set the tone on either end of the floor from the opening tip. Bailey applied relentless offensive pressure, effortlessly attacking off the bounce, setting up others, and consistently scoring around the basket or in the midrange. He also made several defensive plays while making a constant impact on the glass.

6’7 ’24 Elijah Garris (Lake Raleigh Prep)

After somewhat of a sluggish start collectively, Garris provided this group with a highly impactful interior presence. He consistently secured rebounds, battled defensively, and finished around the basket. Garris was hobbled by an injury, but continued to make plays through overtime until the final buzzer.

6’9 ’24 Andrew Turnquist (Expression Prep)

Following the last viewing prior to the season, it’s clear that Turnquist has maintained the momentum he previously showcased. He’s a strong, mobile, highly skilled big man with a sturdy frame. Between his lethal shooting, creation skills, and presence around the basket, his offensive ability to be featured in several different ways. Turnquist has the makings of a guy who’d find success at a variety of different Division I programs.

6’5 ’24 Daniel Ntambwe (Expression Prep)

Several years ago, we saw the early stages of Ntambwe’s development. Fast-forward to now, and it’s easy to see how his game has grown. He’s maintained his noteworthy strength, toughness, and athleticism, yet has added a nice amount of offensive polish while continuing to expand his general feel for the game. Ntambwe is still a physical specimen but has clearly transitioned into a very useful piece.