Mount Tabor

6’6 ’20 Jakob Moore

The big man plays a vital role to this team, given his status as their main interior presence on both sides of the ball. He’s big, strong, and understands how to properly utilize his body to clear out space around the basket for finishes and rebounds. Moore is a team-first guy and it’s evident in his blue-collar role for Mount Tabor. The lefty also showed the ability to score nicely from the low block while making passes to the open man whenever possible.


6’3 ’19 Quest Aldridge

The long, wiry point guard has excellent end-to-end speed and open court abilities, and was able to control the tempo throughout his first showing of the day. He’s a great rebounder for his position and showed signs of sheer dominance in transition. Aldridge knocked down multiple jumpers in this game, but was able to get downhill, knife between defenders, and finish at the basket whenever he desired. He possesses terrific playmaking instincts and effectively piled up assists from start to finish.


Eastern Guilford

5’8 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins

The floor general didn’t shoot the ball particularly well in this contest, but still applied impeccable pressure as a playmaker. He ran the two-man game with exceptional poise and was able to highlight his vision with regularity. Dawkins made great decisions in transition, especially with the ball in his hands.


6’3 ’20 Omarion Johnson

The main glue-guy for this team is Johnson, who does a strong amount of everything while displaying a quality understanding of how to utilize his length to disrupt opponents. He plays with a lot of energy and communicates very well on both ends of the floor. Johnson knocked down multiple jumpers and showed great consistency when finishing around the basket. He gets his hands on a lot of loose balls and rebounded well throughout this contest.


Village Christian

6’2 ’19 Travion McCray

There hasn’t been a leader more apparent than McCray, the strong, athletic, aggressive combo-guard for Village. He’s an incredible communicator that knows how to set the tone on every possession. McCray is a prolific three-level scorer, but also frequently showcases his ability to make plays for others and has the necessary tools to create space whenever he wants. He attacks the rim with force, consistently finishes, and welcomes all challengers at the basket. He’s intelligent and possesses a strong amount of craftiness when handling the ball. McCray embraces his dog-like mentality especially well on defense to bully his assignment and force turnovers. He’s a clear Division I prospect.


6’2 ’20 Zavian McLean

The all-around ability and skillset of McLean is difficult to ignore. He possesses great intangibles and maintains an intense demeanor with his backcourt mate. McLean offers a nice combination of ball-handling, scoring, and playmaking on offense while consistently locking down on defense. He’s pretty athletic and is able to actively toggle between either guard position whenever necessary. McLean displayed a quality IQ and utilizes his athleticism very well on defense to bother his assignment and force turnovers.


A.L. Brown

6’3 ’22 Kheni Briggs

The most intriguing long-term prospect in this game was Briggs, a strong-bodied wing with a pretty unique skillset. He’s been featured at every position over the last few months, but looked especially strong in a ball-dominant role today. Briggs showed the ability to effectively get downhill and utilize his strength to finish around the basket. He rebounds well for his size and knows how to operate nicely without the ball.


6’3 ’21 Amare Haynie

Long, wiry, and brimming with upside, Haynie was easily one of the strongest two-way contributors during this contest. He possesses nice length and intangibles, and is always in attack mode. Haynie is capable of scoring the ball from all three levels, but typically totals most of his points on finishes inside the paint. Haynie produces well and is a prospect to watch develop.



E.A. Prep Post-Grad

6’2 ’19 Trey Bowling

The most valuable player for E.A. Prep was Bowling, who was able to burden the scoring load and apply constant pressure as a penetrator. He possesses quality size for his position and knows how to effectively utilize it to rebound, push the break, and finish strong in transition. He’s really good when simplifying the game and taking advantage of easy opportunities while creating for others.


Washington Academy

6’0 ’19 Dakari Johnson

The combo-guard applied excellent scoring pressure throughout this contest, showing the ability to efficiently score from all three levels. He provides great energy on both sides of the ball and offers a strong blend of scoring and playmaking. Johnson is somewhat undersized, but really knows his skillset and bothers opponents with regularity.


Southwest Guilford

6’4 ’19 Christian Martin

Martin made his impression on both sides of the ball throughout his second showing of the day. He’s a quality scorer from inside the arc and applies tremendous pressure as a rip-through option, attacking the rim with great frequency. Martin has impeccable upper-body strength and plays really well through contact, especially when pursuing rebounds.


6’5 ’19 Joe’l Pettiford

The main interior presence for this team is Pettiford. He’s strong, athletic, and knows how to make an excellent impact on both sides of the ball. Pettiford embraces his role as the all-purpose guy for this team, working extremely hard for every possible rebound and loose ball available. His athleticism allows him to really bully opponents around the basket, especially when looking to play above the rim.


Mount Tabor

6’1 ’19 Andrew Muse

Muse is a solid guard prospect that provides his team with a lot of energy on both ends of the floor. He’s a capable spot-up threat from the perimeter and understands how to effectively handle the ball within his role. Muse has a nice feel for the game and knows how to be in the right place at the right time.


6’5 ’19 Dillion Bullard

There haven’t been many guys with the ability to match Bullard’s energy and well-rounded approach to the game. He relentlessly pursues rebounds and shows a clear willingness to bang down low with any opponents, regardless of size. Bullard does a strong amount of everything on the court and maintains a calm, steady demeanor throughout.


Mount Pleasant

6’7 ’21 Hunter Sloop

The amount of versatility on this team is staggering, but one could make a legitimate argument that Sloop is the most unique of the group. He’s a big, strong fluid athlete with quality guard skills and the ability to operate as a lead creator with relative ease. Sloop is a very smart player that can post-up or score on all three levels, but typically looks to rip-through and attack from the wing. He rebounds quite well on both sides of the floor and does an excellent job of pushing the break in transition. Sloop possesses a pretty unique skillset and should be a extremely productive asset to this squad.


6’7 ’22 Shane Fernald

There is a lot of talent in the building, but Fernald has likely been the best freshman prospect on display thus far. He’s young, but has an extremely polished skillset and approach to the game. Fernald was able do a strong amount of everything while making efficient use of his touches on offense. He’s already emerging as a true two-way leader with communication skills and phenomenal team-first qualities.