6'4 '25 Jaheim Hall (Next Level SC)

There were a variety of useful contributors for Next Level SC, but it would be impossible to ignore the physically overwhelming presence Hall brought to the table. He's a strong, fluid, explosive athlete with great length and downhill ability. Whether as a cutter, penetrator, or transition threat, Hall applies constant pressure at the rim and plays very well through contact. He also displayed useful ball skills and a respectable perimeter jumper. 

6'7 '24 Caden Kreger (Atlanta Timberwolves)

Despite some struggles as a group, Kreger did a lot of positive things for the Atlanta Timberwolves. He’s a smooth shooter and polished creator with IQ, vision, and a versatile offensive game. Kreger can generate clean looks for himself and others or find opportunities without requiring the ball in his hands. He's a solid athlete, finisher, and overall defensive player. Kreger should have a variety of suitors at the next level. 

6'2 '24 Caden Bell (Team Wall)

Given everything he does for this group, Bell should have way more action within his recruitment. Between his defense, toughness, and well-rounded skillset, he can reliably impact all facets of the game. Bell has always been a quality game manager with IQ, penetration instincts, and a high motor, but has also improved as a three-point shooter and overall leader. He has no real weaknesses in his general identity. Bell should hold more scholarships. 

6'5 '26 Tarris Bouie (Team Eat)

There are a lot of enticing young prospects in the building, but none more intriguing than Bouie. At 6-foot-5, he's an impressive shot-maker with IQ, length, and polish as a creator'both for himself and others. Bouie applies efficient yet constant pressure as an all-around offensive weapon. Whether attacking the basket, getting to the midrange, or hitting jumpers from beyond the arc, he's a threat to score from anywhere on the court. Bouie is also a quality playmaker, defender, and rebounder. His stock continues to visibly rise. 

6'4 '24 Harley Lail (Team Hustle)

Although others on the roster might receive more attention, someone like Lail consistently stands out as a difference-maker. He might not score the most points or have a ton of highlight-reel plays, but he absolutely contributes to winning. Lail displays a high motor, unselfish mentality, and willingness to do the dirty work whenever possible. He rebounds, defends bigger than his size, and never forces the action offensively. Lail's willingness to do the thankless work is a massive part of what makes him so valuable. 

6'7 '25 Evan Enos (Team Charlotte)

There's been a slew of notable shooters on display, and Enos is absolutely among the very best. At 6-foot-7, he's an incredible floor-spacer with length, ball skills, and a useful interior presence. Enos possesses deep range, smooth mechanics, and the ability to find opportunities as a cutter or spot-up threat. He has a quick release and actively looks to attack closeouts when necessary. Enos also provides quality defensive effort and battles well for rebounds. 

6'3 '26 Ian Bailey (Team Vision)

At this point, most folks within the grassroots scene should be getting familiar with Bailey and his obvious amount of appeal as a long-term prospect. He possesses a highly enticing blend of skill, athleticism, and toughness. Bailey scores from all levels, creates for himself and others, and showcases a pretty complete identity on the court. He's also a reliable defender, willing rebounder, and quality playmaker. Bailey clearly has an advanced identity at this stage in his development. 

6'0 '24 Ty Campbell (Gata Academy)

Although the Gata Academy group is extremely balanced, it doesn't take long to see everything Campbell brings to the table. He offers a very steady, reliable presence from the point guard position, displaying IQ, pace, and quality decision-making instincts. Campbell sets up others at a high volume, but also scores an efficient rate from various levels. He has the makings of a useful college floor general.