5’11 ’22 Evan Presnell (Carolina Riptide)

Although the Carolina Riptide always seem to shine through their balance, but Presnell definitely stood out among their top performers in their first contest of the day. He’s a smart, tough, heady point guard prospect with excellent creation skills and the ability to set up others, access his lethal pull-up jumper, or finish strong through contact. Presnell plays bigger than his size defensively and provides great effort as a rebounder.

6’7 ’21 Eric Wynn (Team Push)

The Team Push squad of unsigned seniors proved to be a very entertaining group, and Wynn is as productive as anyone on their roster. He’s a big, sturdy post prospect with an excellent amount of polish—both for his size and position. Wynn displays touch, footwork, and the ability to overwhelm opponents on the block or space the floor at an effective percentage. He utilizes his body well around the basket, especially as a rebounder, and runs the floor properly in transition. 

6’0 ’21 Khalil Brantley (Mint Hill Lakers)

It should go without saying (since he was arguably the most highly touted player in attendance), but Brantley was pretty much unstoppable as the focal point of this Mint Hill Lakers squad. He’s an effortless shot-creator with the necessary quickness and craftiness to get wherever he wants on the floor. Brantley also displays sharp passing vision, scores at a nonstop rate from all levels, and displays nice anticipation defensively. 

6’8 ’22 Trey Ramsey (Carolina Riptide)

There are so many pieces worth noting on this Carolina Riptide roster, and Ramsey is certainly among their more consistently productive guys. He’s big, skilled, and able to reliably operate from the block or space the floor from midrange or beyond the arc. Ramsey is a capable rebounder and can pose matchup problems for opposing forwards/posts. 

6’3 ’22 Joel Baucom (Mint Hill Lakers)

Over the last calendar year, Baucom has really solidified himself as one of the best shooters across the entire state. While he’s a knockdown perimeter option, he’s far more than just a spot-up threat. Baucom handles and passes the ball well with the ability to run the offense as needed. He’s tougher than most opponents think, both defensively and when attacking through contact. Baucom consistently finds success with or without the ball in his hands. 

6’5 ’21 Nasir Blackston (Team Push)

There’s an abundance of talent within the Team Push organization, and Blackston is as talented as anyone. From a physical standpoint, he has obvious appeal. Add in his toughness and ability to score effectively from all three levels. Blackston is a quality athlete with excellent length, toughness, and creation skills. 

6’2 ’22 Xavier McKelvy (Charlotte Royals)

Referring to McKelvy’s performance at Phenom Challenge as anything other than purely dominant would be an insult. He’s such an exciting, powerful athlete, yet also possesses skill, leadership, and the ability to effortlessly affect all facets of the game. McKelvy is a rugged defender with strength, quickness, a high motor, and the ability to force turnovers on a regular basis. He actively set up others, scored on three levels, and outworked his assignment at all times. 

6’3 ’21 Malachi Reeves (Upward Stars Columbia)

The Upward Stars Columbia group continues to be among the more enticing squads for college coaches, and Reeves is a massive part of their appeal. For starters, his IQ and all-around leadership are impossible to ignore. Reeves sees the game differently than most players and makes the right decision with unwavering consistency. He shoots the ball at a high clip, sets up others with ease, and doesn’t possess any glaring weaknesses within his skillset.

6’7 ’21 Shad Thomas (NC Spartans)

Arguably the top unsigned senior in attendance, Thomas continues to impress with his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. He’s long, strong, active, and shows quality flashes of two-way versatility. Thomas is a constant threat in transition, with or without the ball in his hands, and finishes extremely well around the basket. He can also knock down jumpers, attack within two or three dribbles, and overwhelm opponents with his presence as a defender and rebounder. 

6’5 ’22 Isaiah Williams (Charlotte Hoyas)

The Charlotte Hoyas continue to be among the most balanced and impressive squads on display, and Williams is a major part of their approach and overall game plan. He plays so incredibly hard at all times. Add in his IQ, unselfishness, and desire to do anything possible to help his team, and Williams should have a flurry of programs involved with his recruitment. He’s an excellent finisher, strong all-around defender, and displays flashes of versatility on either end of the floor.