#126- Neeko Taylor- It's easy to appreciate Taylor's identity and overall approach to the game, as he will always be able to carve out a role with any collection of teammates. He's a knockdown three-point shooter with IQ, playmaking ability, and nice defensive instincts. Taylor makes a quality impact with or without the ball in his hands.'

#181- Camden Jernigan- There were a ton of standouts in this contest, but Jernigan was as impressive as any prospect on display. He's a strong, physical, well-rounded guard prospect with a terrific transition presence and the ability to consistently apply pressure as a downhill penetrator. Jernigan makes smart decisions, defends his assignment well, and is able to regularly create opportunities out of nothing. 

#65- Eli Clark- Players like Clark will be able to carve out a useful role in every possible setting, and this camp was no different. He operated as a primary ball-handler for this group, showcasing a pretty steady balance between scoring and playmaking. Clark shoots the ball at a respectable clip and understands how to position himself for success defensively. 

#66- Sadiq White- In terms of long-term upside, one would be hard-pressed to find many prospects more appealing than White. He's a very long, athletic forward prospect with a pretty intriguing amount of skill'especially for his age and size. White legitimately has all the tools to be an incredible talent, assuming he continues to put in the necessary work to properly develop.

#51- Lyric Evans- Although he's not necessarily the biggest or most athletic player on the court, Evans consistently shined for this group. He's a strong, sturdy guard prospect with an excellent transition presence and the ability to touch the paint at a high frequency. Evans is a capable shooter and committed defender with toughness.

#60- Mason Dobie- Despite just entering his freshman season, it's already easy to see the abilities of Dobie. He's very fundamentally sound, and it's evident in his straightforward game and ability to hit shots from all three levels. Dobie does a little bit of everything, all at an above-average level, and can find opportunities with any collection of teammates. 

#129- Nas Berry- Like the entry above, it's so easy to be impressed with Berry's skillset and overall array of tools. He's a strong, physical guard prospect with a fairly complete offensive identity, able to run a team while applying scoring pressure from all levels. Berry makes intelligent decisions with the ball, and should only continue to develop into a terrific player. 

#70- Mychael Mitchell- Few players on display have been as steady and effective as Mitchell, especially as a floor general. He is quick, crafty, and able to touch the paint at a seemingly nonstop rate, where he's able to finish or set up others with relative ease. Mitchell is a nice athlete and smart decision-maker who thrives in the open floor. 

#185- Ezra Jamison- The big, strong-bodied wing prospect seems to naturally cause matchup problems with his combination of vision, sturdiness, and creation skills. Jamison is excellent in transition, especially with the ball in his hands, and finishes well around the basket. He can also knock down three-point jumpers and rebound his position effectively on either end of the floor.  

#7- Kevin Thompson- Though slightly undersized, Thompson shined on a consistent basis throughout the day. He's quick, crafty, and able to get wherever he wants on the court. Thompson is a steady playmaker and nice perimeter shooter with the quickness to touch the paint with relative ease.