#115- Drew Johnson- Given how many times we’ve seen him throughout the years, it should come as no surprise to see Johnson shining as a two-way floor general. He’s so smart, crafty, and able to consistently set up others in excellent scoring position. Johnson genuinely understands how to effortlessly control the pace and overall action. He scores the ball well from multiple levels and forces turnovers at a strong rate—which leads to a ton of fast-break opportunities. Johnson is a leader, both by example and through communication, and is always among the top playmakers in any gym he enters. 

#116- Frederico Whitaker- Though somewhat small, there’s an obvious amount of appeal with Whitaker. He’s an extremely quick, heady point guard prospect with sharp vision and great abilities in the open floor. Whitaker touches the paint at a seemingly nonstop rate, and can reliably finish or set up others. He’s also great at containing his position defensively, especially for his size, and displays IQ beyond his current age. Expect him to be a major contributor for Northwood during the upcoming season. 

#129- Aiden Myers- Production is always a quality indicator when judging showings at camp, and Myers seemed to fill the stat sheet in each contest. He’s a big, strong-bodied wing prospect with the necessary skillset to affect all facets of the game. Myers can handle the ball, create for himself and others, and score in various ways. He’s smart and makes plays within the flow of the action. Myers’ glue-guy approach led to steady production on both ends of the floor. As a freshman, he has the tools to develop into a nice high school contributor. 

#146- Neeko Taylor- Easily one of the most dynamic players in attendance, Taylor continues to showcase the makings of a prospect worthy of attention from college coaches. He’s an excellent shooting threat, both off the catch and bounce, but can also run a team and contain his assignment defensively. Taylor displays IQ, vision, toughness, and the ability to attack closeouts as needed. He’s adaptable enough to produce and find success within a variety of different roles.

#163- Palmer Crichton- After a strong showing at a recent camp, Crichton continues to perform at an impressive level. He’s a long, wiry, skilled wing prospect with nice size, athleticism, and three-level scoring ability. Crichton can create for himself and others, or find opportunities without the ball in his hands. He’s also a useful defender and rebounder with the ability to expand his production as needed. 

#172- Isaiah Williams- Arguably the top prospect in attendance, Williams has been nothing short of spectacular throughout the day. His steady, unselfish, naturally well-rounded approach led to nonstop production on both ends of the floor. Williams led by example, controlled the offense, and set the tone as a defender and rebounder. He finished through contact, made quality passes, and actively toggled between multiple positions. Williams is simply a smart glue-guy who stands out as a winner. 

#176- Cal Barrett- Given his tools and physical development over the last calendar year, folks should be enticed by Barrett and his long-term upside. He’s a lethal shooting threat with size, vision, and a low-maintenance identity. Barrett is a capable ball-handler and finishes well when attacking closeouts. He also displays defensive instincts and works hard for rebounds on both ends of the floor. 

#178- Osvaldo Haynes- Though young and truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities, Haynes definitely has a variety of appealing qualities. He’s a big, strong, sturdy forward/post prospect with an active motor and willingness to utilize his body as a defender and rebounder. Haynes finishes, blocks shots, and runs the floor hard in transition. He will be a prospect to monitor over his continued progression.