5’9 ’24 AJ Parsley (Team Ville)

Playing hard has gradually become an obsolete skill, which is why it’s always refreshing to watch AJ Parsley push the limits on what “high motor” actually means. No matter the context or setting, he plays with a full-throttle approach. What Parsley lacks in height or vertical athleticism, he makes up for with speed, quickness, and general peskiness. He’s a heady lead guard who understands how to initiate the offense, set up others, and score as needed. Parsley simply knows how to contribute to winning basketball.

5’11 ’27 Jacob Mills (Team USD)

Although somewhat unassuming at first glance, it doesn’t take long for opponents to realize that Jacob Mills is a major difference-maker. He’s a wiry, skilled guard with elite perimeter shooting and a very polished offensive arsenal. Mills is a useful creator, both for himself and others, but is arguably even more impactful as an off-ball threat. He’s capable of heating up quickly, but understands how to seize his opportunities within the flow of the team structure.

6’2 ’24 Cinjun Bridges (Mavs Elite)

Given everything he did for this group, it’s easy to see the impact Cinjun Bridges made in both contests. He’s a notable shooter with nice length, cutting instincts, and the ability to hit jumpers off the catch, bounce, or movement. Bridges is capable of creating his own shot and attacking closeouts, but looks to play to his strengths whenever possible. He should appeal to various college coaches.

6’0 ’25 Miles Leaks (Panthers)

It feels like we’ve become accustomed to seeing Miles Lakes and his incredibly steady two-way presence. That being said, he’s showcased an increased amount of overall aggression in this contest—especially as a scorer. Leaks still created opportunities for others, but clearly got whatever he wanted when generating looks for himself. He hit three-pointers, midrange pull-ups, and finished through contact around the basket. Furthermore, Leaks contained his assignment on defense and controlled the tempo from start to finish.

5’9 ’24 Yudai Ishikawa (Combine Regional)

In terms of sheer entertainment value, it would be difficult to recognize anyone more exciting than Yudai Ishikawa. Though slightly undersized, Ishikawa legitimately got wherever he wanted off the bounce, made brilliant passes, and effortlessly scored from all over the court. He made highly difficult passes appear routine, but also identifies the simple read and makes the right decision. Given everything did, it would be extremely difficult to say anything other than positives about Ishikawa.

6’1 ’26 Rassell Young (Mavericks)

There are a lot of noteworthy prospects in the gym, but Rassell Young is arguably as impressive as anyone. He possesses an amazing level of IQ, poise, and craftiness as a creator and overall floor general. Young plays with a ton of confidence, as evidenced by the way he scores and dictates the action with such unbelievable ease. He has the ball on a string, makes great passes, and forces turnovers at the point of attack defensively. Young is so much fun to watch, but also stands out as a true leader and tone-setter. Expect his recruitment to continue trending upward.