6'5 '26 Markus Kerr (Cougars)

Although the Cougars were missing one of their key pieces, it simply gave Kerr an opportunity to shine as a focal point. He's a skilled, athletic guard with an all-around skillset and the ability to dominate opponents on both ends of the floor. Kerr is a reliable creator, both for himself and others, and mixes it up from all three levels offensively. He's a quality defender and rebounder, especially for his position, and pushes the break effectively in transition.  

6'2 '24 Caden Bell (NC GBB)

Despite some struggles as a group, Bell still stood out as a clear leader on both ends of the floor. He's a steady, well-rounded floor general with IQ, skill, and leadership by example. Bell controls the action as the main creator, gets others involved, and applies scoring pressure in various different ways. He's also useful rebounder who displays a willingness to make hustle plays. Given his high-level production over the recent months, more scholarship-level programs should be involved.

5'10 '25 Cam Newman (Fire Babies)

It's easy to appreciate the poised, methodical approach that Newman brings to the table. Never rushed, hurried, or frantic, he understands how to comfortably control the action through playing at his own pace, making intelligent decisions, and applying scoring pressure as needed. Newman has consistently made strides as an overall scorer while maintaining his status as a brilliant playmaker. Though still early, there's already a lot to like with his general identity.

6'5 '26 Tarris Bouie (Cougars)

The Cougars were definitely one of the more entertaining teams on display, and Bouie is a massive reason why. Already long, bouncy, and skilled, he's still not even remotely close to his ceiling as a long-term prospect. Bouie can create his own shot or find opportunities without the ball and apply pressure as a spot-up threat. He's a willing rebounder and quality defender with great instincts on both ends of the floor.

5'10 '24 Carson Daniel (NC Vikings)

Given how many times we've seen this group, it should come as no surprise to see Daniel highlighting consistent flashes of dominance. His tight, crafty handle and sharp vision allows him to effortlessly create opportunities for himself and others. Daniel touches the paint at a high volume and makes the right play without fail. His pace and control of the tempo allows him to pick his spots and dissect the opposition whenever he desires.