6’4 ’20 Zavian McLean (Village Christian)

In short, McLean has been hands-down the most impressive performer in attendance at Session II of Phenom Team Camp. He was the clear leader and tone-setter on both ends of the floor, scoring, rebounding, setting up others, and doing everything defensively. McLean is very smart and incredibly efficient with his touches on offense, which led to consistent three-level scoring throughout the day. He takes zero possessions off and does a phenomenal job of showcasing his dog-like intensity.


6’5 ’20 Justin Thomas (Village Christian)
There’s so much to like with this Village Christian team, especially when Thomas is getting involved and highlighting his high-level skillset. He’s a very talented offensive threat that can hurt opponents in a variety of different ways; he handles the ball well for his size and can consistently create for himself or others. Thomas shoots the ball at a high clip from beyond the arc and displays nice versatility on both ends of the floor, which makes him an extremely difficult assignment.


6’8 ’23 Callum Richard (Gaston Day)

This Gaston Day program has a very bright future, especially with Richard as a primary building block. He’s young but already possesses excellent tools and displays a solid two-way feel for the game. Richard is a wiry big man that showcased a ton of impressive flashes as a scorer, rebounder, and rim-protector throughout the day. He’ll get even better with additional strength and continued playing experience. It’s difficult to imagine him not being a major contributor during the upcoming season.


6’11 ’22 Patrick Wessler (Butler)

In many ways, Wessler was arguably the top long-term prospect on display at Phenom Team Camp. He already possesses elite size and feel for the game, which typically puts him about two to three steps ahead of the opposition. Wessler has phenomenal touch with both hands and is far tougher than initially meets the eye, which allows him to rebound and finish through contact at a solid rate. His ability to handle and shoot the ball are genuinely special attributes, which is part of what makes him so tough to contain. It’s only a matter of time before he starts collecting offers.


6’1 ’21 Callahan Reed (Lake Norman Charter)

No team was more fun or exciting to watch than Lake Norman Charter, and Reed was a massive part of their entertainment value. He’s somewhat unassuming to the naked eye, but we’ve seen the young guard continually elevate his game over the last few months and now appears to be a clear scholarship-worthy prospect. Few guys have been able to offer a similar combination of three-point shooting and playmaking. Reed is smart, tough, and should continue turning heads with his ability.


6’4 ’22 Donovan Atwell (Lake Norman Charter)

As well as this team shot the ball, it was very apparent that Atwell was the most prolific shooter on the team (and possibly in the entire gym). He’s a smart off-guard that moves incredibly well without the ball to set himself up for spot-up and pull-up jumpers. Atwell is a knockdown three-point shooter, but also showcased the ability to work off the bounce and attack the basket, where he was able to finish or make passes to open teammates. He’s going to be a name that continues to pick up traction, especially considering his young age.


6’2 ’20 Jay Hickman (Northwood Temple)

In terms of shooting, Hickman joins Atwell as one of the most impressive shooters on display at our Phenom Team Camp. It’s shocking that he doesn’t already hold multiple scholarship offers, given his IQ, skill, physical tools, and three-point shooting. Hickman handles the ball well and is capable of creating for himself or others, but typically works off-ball and applies nonstop pressure as a spot-up threat. He understands and embraces his role tremendously well on both ends of the floor.


6’6 ’20 Reggie Raynor (Northwood Temple)

The new-look Northwood Temple team is going to be a lot of fun, especially with Raynor as their undisputed two-way leader. He’s a big-time athlete with a quality feel for the game, which allows him to make a nonstop impact on both ends. Raynor has improved as perimeter shooter, but still looks to attack the basket and play above the rim whenever possible. He rebounds the ball extremely well and knows how to create havoc with his motor, especially on defense. It feels like Raynor should have another five or so offers within the coming months.