6'4 '23 Cole Callaway (Carolina Riptide)

It's easy to find balance with this Carolina Riptide squad, and Callaway consistently finds ways to stand out despite being one of the younger players on the roster. He's a lethal spot-up threat with IQ, cutting instincts, and the ability to attack closeouts as needed, which allows him to make a constant impact with or without the ball in his hands. Callaway does a nice job of getting to his spots in transition and utilizing his perimeter shooting to open up opportunities from other levels. 

6'2 '22 Jah Saigo (NC Gaters)

Arguably one of the most underrated prospects on this roster, Saigo continues to maximize his role with this Gaters squad. He's a big, strong-bodied guard with creation skills and spot-up ability, but also makes his presence felt as a rebounder and defender. Saigo plays hard and bigger than his size would imply on both ends of the floor. 

6'2 '22 Jaden Hicklin (Next Level SC)

Though somewhat undersized for his position, Hicklin regularly stood out as a two-way catalyst for this group. He provides toughness, intensity, and great energy at all times, which naturally leads to rebounds and defensive plays. Hicklin can hit difficult shots, finish inside, or find opportunities without necessarily requiring the ball in his hands. His motor and willingness to do the dirty work makes his value to this group fairly obvious. 

6'10 '23 Brandon White (Team United)

The appeal is quite obvious with someone like White, especially from a physical standpoint. He possesses a strong frame and the necessary athleticism to consistently overwhelm opponents from inside the paint. White finishes strong and looks to dunk everything in sight, but can also hit spot-up looks within the flow of the offense. He's a quality rebounder, shot-blocker, and runs the floor effectively in transition. There is still definite upside remaining. 

6'3 '22 Evan Smith (Ace Elite)

As the leader of this Ace Elite squad, it's only fitting to see Smith control the action on both ends of the floor. He's an incredible defender with sharp anticipation and the ability to force turnovers at a consistent rate. Smith runs the offense with visible IQ and poise, playing at his pace, making quality reads, and offering great balance between scoring and playmaking. It's easy to see why his recruitment has drastically picked up. 

6'3 '22 Justin Taylor (Mint Hill Lakers)

Despite being one of the newest additions to the roster, Taylor has no issue making his presence felt'especially as an offensive threat. He regularly showed the ability to create off the bounce and finish or access his midrange pull-up. Taylor also forced turnovers defensively and scored multiple times in transition. 

6'3 '22 Cole Harritt (Louisville Prospects)

While the entire Louisville Prospects team showed the ability to shoot the ball, Harritt is arguably their most reliable marksman. He moves very well without the ball and legitimately only requires a glimmer of daylight to get off clean looks due to his quick, repeatable shooting mechanics. Harritt can handle the ball and make the extra pass whenever necessary, but typically looks to maximize his spot-up presence. 

6'5 '22 PoBoigh King (Team Eat)

After a fairly dominant start to the weekend, King has only continued to shine as a clear focal point for this Team Eat squad. He's typically seen as a shooter with his high school team, but King is an absolute offensive weapon. He can reliably score from anywhere on the floor, yet also highlighted vision, rebounding instincts, and the ability to intercept passing lanes with regularity. His lack of offers is perplexing. 

6'5 '22 Dawson McAlhany (NC Spartans)

Although they were pretty short-handed as a team, McAlhany still found ways to lead and produce in all facets of the game. He applied scoring pressure from all levels, set up others, and did a terrific job of making hustle plays. McAlhany continues to showcase the full arsenal, which makes his overall recruitment (or lack thereof) puzzling.

6'3 '22 LeBron Thomas (FIBA)

It's always been easy to appreciate everything Thomas does for this FIBA squad, and nothing has changed. He possesses IQ, toughness, and a strong balance between scoring and playmaking, which allows him to regularly carry the offensive load. However, Thomas knows how to be unselfish while constantly outworking his assignment defensively. He should be an asset at the next level.