Mychael Mitchell- The young, poised floor general proved to be one of the more impressive point guards on display, especially for his age. He’s smart, unselfish, and can reliably run a team or stand out as a scorer. He remained an active presence in transition, operated well without the ball, and contained his assignment nicely on defense. 

Kanayo Nwosu- Unsurprisingly, the long, strong, athletic forward prospect continues to stand out as one of the more destructive players in attendance. His toughness, defensive prowess, and nonstop motor allows him to regularly dominate without ever needing to be a focal point on offense. However, Nwosu always seems to find scoring opportunities—specifically as a threat for putbacks and second-chance points. 

Julius Harrison- Though he still has clear upside remaining, there’s already a lot to like with Harrison and his two-way identity. He’s a natural glue-guy with the ability to consistently affect all facets of the game. Harrison is a versatile defender with toughness, rebounding instincts, a well-rounded offensive arsenal. 

Micah Handlogten- The long, wiry big man could possibly end up as the most appealing prospect from this camp over the next few years. He’s rapidly turned intrigue into consistent production over the last twelve months, and now stands as one of the top interior players in the state. Handlogten blocks shots, secures rebounds, and runs the floor all at a consistent rate. He should easily be a priority for a ton of programs.

Hanif Omar- Though slightly undersized, Omar shined as one of the most reliable scorers across the camp. He’s able to effortlessly create for himself or others off the dribble, displaying the craftiness and understanding to consistently generate separation for three-level scoring opportunities. Omar is great in the open floor and always seems to make smart decisions with the ball in his hands. 

Kabe Ellis- It would be impossible to watch Ellis and not walk away impressed with the way he runs a team. Between his IQ, confidence, and unselfishness, he truly understands how to exploit the opposition in a variety of different ways. Ellis is a reliable three-level scorer but arguably shines even more as a playmaker through his ability to always locate the best available shot. 

Antonio Perkins- The smart, versatile, well-rounded wing/forward prospect continues to shine as an all-around force. He seems to naturally adapt to his surrounding teammates and the overall flow of the game, and capitalizes on his opportunities with relative ease. Perkins is simply a winner that consistently does a strong amount of everything on both ends of the floor.

Elijah Green- There have been a lot of quality guards on display, and Green has been as notable as anyone. He’s a smart, rugged point guard prospect with an exceptional two-way presence. Green is a phenomenal defender with clear anticipation instincts, which allows him to force a ton of turnovers and push transition play. He also scored from all levels and made his presence felt as an unselfish playmaker.