6’2 ’21 Micah Braswell (UC27 Dreamchasers)

Though somewhat subtle, Braswell proved to be a very reliable contributor for this UC27 Dreamchasers squad. He plays hard, makes smart decisions, and offers a nice balance between scoring and playmaking. Braswell is a nice spot-up threat and can play either backcourt position due to his shooting ability. 

5’11 ’21 Isaiah Escobar (Durham Hurricanes)

Despite being the newest addition to this roster, Escobar truly shined as their leader on both ends of the floor. He was already a scrappy, heady defender but showcased the full offensive package over the weekend. Escobar shot the ball extremely well, attacked off the bounce, and looked to make plays for others whenever possible. He’s displayed the ability to be a quality role player or expand his production as needed. 

5’9 ’21 Kadyn Dawkins (Cobras 2021)

Some prospects’ recruitment is just impossible to understand, and Dawkins is easily one of the most evident cases at this point in time. After being purely dominant throughout the last calendar year, his lack of offers almost seems disrespectful but his play has yet to waver. Dawkins is a leader in every sense of the word. He controls the tempo, makes incredibly smart decisions, and truly dominates the game. Should hold at least a dozen offers, if not more.

5’10 ’22 Jordan Marsh (Team Curry)

Though slightly undersized, it’s easy to appreciate the approach and overall identity of Marsh. He’s a very smart floor general and it’s clear in his nonstop consistency when it comes to making the proper read. Marsh shoots the ball well, attacks with poise off the dribble, and defends extremely well. He doesn’t possess any glaring weaknesses within his skillset and should continue gaining traction as a next-level prospect. 

6’3 ’23 Comeh Emoubor (Team Eat)

Few prospects in attendance have been more appealing than Emoubor, who is a name that Division I coaches should note for the future. He’s a long, skilled, athletic wing prospect with the all-around tools to overwhelm opponents on both ends of the floor. Emoubor is an excellent defender with IQ, anticipation instincts, and transition ability. It’s difficult to find much negative within his identity, which is a large part of what makes him so enticing. 

6’8 ’21 Dre Watson (TLBA)

There’s a lot of talent within the TLBA roster, and Watson is certainly one of their most productive pieces. He’s long, bouncy, and can control the paint on either end of the floor. Watson is a capable rim-protector, rugged defender in space, and excellent rebounder that showed some ability to push in transition. Though he’s not necessarily known for his skill, Watson highlighted very solid polish on offense. 

5’7 ’21 Kabe Ellis (Team Swish)

The Team Swish squad does a great job of consistently playing better than their on-paper talent would imply, and Ellis is a massive part of that. He’s so tough and electric with an incredible balance between scoring and playmaking. Ellis plays bigger than his size would imply and understands how to legitimately affect all facets of the game. He belongs at the next level, so it’ll be exciting to see what program secures his services. 

6’2 ’21 LJ Johnson (Charlotte Royals)

The Charlotte Royals continue to showcase a very balanced attack, but Johnson was the star of this showing. He’s a long, wiry guard prospect with IQ, motor, and solid toughness. Johnson thrives in transition and usually makes his scoring mark through attacking the basket—though he’s always been a useful perimeter shooter. However, he caught fire today and torched the opposition from beyond the arc. Johnson should gradually get more attention from college coaches.