6’2 ’21 Travon Jones (Mint Hill Lakers)

Although guys like Joel Baucom and Glenn Bynum have been the main offensive weapons for this Mint Hill Lakers group, Jones made a very strong impact on that end of the floor. He provided his usual amount of hustle, toughness, and ability to fill in the gaps, but also attacked the basket and hit numerous jumpers along the perimeter. As an unsigned senior, Jones should be able to carve out a useful role at the next level. 

6’2 ’22 Xavier McKelvy (Charlotte Royals)

The Charlotte Royals simply continue to find ways to win behind the incredible all-around leadership of McKelvy. He’s so tough and physically overwhelming but also displays excellent leadership and polish as the offensive focal point. McKelvy creates for himself and others with relative ease, rebounds the ball at a strong rate for his size, and defends multiple positions. He’s a powerful athlete with impressive finishing skills and open-floor ability. 

6’3 ’22 Kyle Frazier (CC Elite)

It’s easy to see the appeal with this CC Elite roster, and Frazier is an extremely valuable part of their overall identity. His natural abilities as a glue-guy allow him to consistently affect all facets of the game. Frazier offers a tough, blue-collar approach as a rebounder and fairly versatile defensive player. He scores the ball with efficiency from all levels, but genuinely doesn’t require a ton of touches to make a lasting impact. 

6’7 ’22 Zachary Davis (Big Shots Premier)

The Big Shots Premier squad had a variety of intriguing pieces, but Davis arguably stood out as their most appealing next-level prospect. He’s long, skilled, and athletic with the ability to make an impact inside the paint, high-post, or perimeter. Davis is quite versatile and understands how to make a consistent impact in transition. Although already quite productive, Davis still has clear upside remaining. 

6’4 ’22 Christian Drummer (Atlanta Allstars)

Few teams were as balanced and unselfish as the Atlanta Allstars, and Drummer proved to be a huge part of their overall identity. He possesses IQ and quality size from the guard position, which allows him to cause matchup problems and overwhelm opposing ball-handlers. Drummer scores the ball at an efficient rate, but typically emphasizes setting up others as often as possible. He’s a definite scholarship-level prospect and should only continue to generate buzz going forward.

6’7 ’23 Sergej Cvetkovic (DCT Elite)

There are a ton of intriguing prospects in attendance, but Cvetkovic is certainly among the most appealing. He possesses excellent size, especially for his skillset and overall approach to the game. Cvetkovic can play inside or out, but typically looks to space the floor with his elite three-point shooting skills. That being said, he also stands out with his IQ, motor, defensive ability, and understanding of how to attack closeouts and set up others. Cvetkovic is a prospect worth noting for scholarship-level coaches. 

6’3 ’24 Micah Gilbert (Team Curry)

Despite some early struggles as a team, Gilbert still found ways to shine within the flow of the action. He’s a very skilled, polished guard prospect with IQ, toughness, and creation skills, which already allows him to carry the offense for extended stretches. Gilbert is extremely efficient from all levels and effortlessly generates clean looks from all levels. He should remain a name worth noting for the future. 

6’2 ’24 Miles Beard (CC Elite)
Between the Daniel twins and Beard, it’s easy to see how this group came out victorious in a matchup against a high-level opponent. Beard was arguably their main offensive leader, given the way he scored the ball from multiple levels. He’s smart, skilled, and displays nice creation skills off the bounce, where he’s proven capable of finishing or setting up others. Already a useful varsity contributor, Beard could be poised for a breakout season.