A new name that was brought to the attention of Phenom Hoops this past weekend at the Phenom LIVE, 2021 6’3 Julian Mackey from The Skill Factory has a lot of intrigue with his game. 

Mackey announced that he would be attending The Skill Factory back in April, coming off a season in which he averaged nearly 22 points per game for Lakota West. Now, the talented combo guard looks to make an even bigger mark with his new program. 

Mackey is one that can both initiate the offense, with a nice balance of finding his teammates and scoring, but also play off the ball as well, scoring with a smooth perimeter shot or using his length (6’7 wingspan) to his advantage to finish over defenders and at the rim.

He would say much of the same when Phenom Hoops asked how he would describe his game and mindset on the court.

“I’d describe my game as being a scorer, but I can use the attention I bring from scoring to open up the floor and find my teammates as well,” he said.  “Defensively, I just try to make plays, whether it’s rebounding, steals, blocks, etc.”

And what makes him even more intriguing is that his game has only continued to improve since joining The Skill Factory.  And he wants to continue to work on his strength and speed.

Mackey doesn’t hold any offer as of yet but schools are taking notice of him, as VCU, UNCG, Niagara, Hofstra, Illinois State, and UCF have all expressed interest and it should be only a matter of time before a school offers him.

Coach’s Perspective (Rob Johnson, The Skill Factory): “I’ve known Julian since he was in 6th grade. He’s always had a great skillset but was young for his grade and hit his growth spurt late. Now 6’3 and still growing, having a 6’7 wing span and long legs. True combo guard. Patient and can play off the ball or initiate offense. Excellent shooter. Great pace. Creative finisher and good passer.  Very good in pick and roll situations as a scorer and playmaker. Plays much more physical than his current frame. Knows how to initiate body contact and keeps defenders off balance with his crossover. He has a chance to play at the highest level.”